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Touching the Messianic Complex

This posting is a dialogue between two people, each having a sense of the messianic awakening implied by the unveiling, each of whom would like the world to wake up and come to a state of realization that we are one together in the first person, in paradise, as the embodiment of the godhead. It is included partly as a catalyst so that those of you who sense the awakening and are open-minded enough to see how it can come about together, without oppression of imposed beliefs, can gain the sense that we are not alone.

Stephen: Thanks, Chris, for responding so quickly; I've been leaping through your online texts yesterday and last night, totally impressed by the amount of esoteric information you two have gathered together, much of it knowledge that confirms my own spiritual pathway as a modern gnostic Christian without the burden of anti-Feminism or anti-Creation.

See for details

I haven't read any of your books and do not know your history but like you, I am a WW II war baby and my life has been quite an adventure in spiritually-based activism after God came along at Easter in 1979 and put me through my own three day Road to Damascus experience, converting me with three days of non-stop synchronicity experiences from 35 years of being without God to a believer who's faith has never wavered once in the belief of the reality of God and the spiritual world underlying our material one.

Knowing only that God had converted this former atheist to some new form of Christian belief that took me a year to discover was in the Gnostic Christian experience realm (the Nag Hammadi Library being published in English in 1980), I was without any ability to relate my spiritual experiences to traditional Christian pastors I talked with, only finding their closed doors to any mention of "gnosticism", Paul and the Church Fathers crew doing an excellent job of clobbering other forms of Gnosis besides Paul's. So for years I just let the heretic visions come in in their periodic appearances and went on with my life as one of the "Back to the Land" homesteaders and a dedicated social change and environmental activist in our notorious county in N.California, Humboldt, land of Mari and the Graces (John) including flowers of the Goddess without male seed, our local Goddess sacrament for spiritually-minded aging hippies of which I am one.

For some 28 years I was "Christian" but Christian in what I later came to realize was a Jewish way. I found out in 1994 after my atheist mother died through dna testing that she carried all kinds of Ashkenazi ancestry, even some Sephardic ones through her mother's side while my father's side was steeped in Evangelical Christianity, complete with several religious fanatics, two missionaries aunts, one being one of those incredibly brave souls who went into the jungles of Bolivia in the 40's (see End of the Spear movie reference) confronting head-hunters with the Gospel and another to China, kicked out when the Communists took over), another one, cousin, head of the largest Lutheran church in San Francisco, an uncle, older than me who is currently immersed in his church sponsored homeless community outreach program-living it, and of course me, the worst of the bunch because I truly believe I am carrying a brand new Gospel of the Christ, several in fact, but all not really new at all, but very ancient knowledge of the nature of God and humanity and the fulfillment of our future evolution. This is the esoteric information known to Jesus as the most knowledgeable of the Son of Man prophesy bearers. Like you, once the knowledge arrives it really leaves you no choice but to pass it on and in doing so, one becomes "annointed" really meaning "appointed", one "sent", myself as a "Son of Man" prophesy bearer, bearing the Good News! in plain language. Those who receive this Good News! become themselves a "Son of Man" or "Daughter" as Jesus set the example, and thus anyone who receives it and believes its truth and passes the Truth on.

I am coming from the Son of Man tradition but coming from it in a new way that I do believe fulfills the glimmerings of the Son of Man prophesy bearers before me, especially Jesus. Social evolution has brought much science in the last 500 years if not gnosis and it seems God thinks we are now ready to receive the truth about God and humanity's role in Creation. We now have the science knowledge to understand what Jesus was trying to say in parables and metaphors and attachments of magical powers to gods the ancient minds could only receive as being really of God-humankind too much Job's lowly worm. I am sent to tell the spiritual truth in plain language or so my personal spiritual path (or delusions of grandeur and madness--take your pick, depending on belief in archetypal forces at work through human beings). For 28 years I was spiritually guided by an angel, the Angel of Peace, Ariel, the Angel of Jerusalem, and Lion of God. Never "seen" as a vision of your traditional angel but only in synchronicity "signs" bearing the name, and stamp of Jerusalem and peace concern, peace, peace, in the Holy Land being so important). Last year, before beating prostate cancer, Father came to me in the "personal relationship" way that my traditional "born again" Christian friends enjoyed with Jesus and I being baffled at what their various "Jesus" voices were telling them, seeing Paul's gospel mark all over their Jesuses while my new Father Jesus, His identification to me last year) had something radically different to say.

Led by Father Jesus into an Egyptian connection in the Gospels, (even in my life with a Sign way back in 1964 or 65 when my wife to be and I visited a Christian seer who told then "Egypt" would be very important to me), I am now convinced that the Gospels of Christianity originated as a Jewish Egyptian Mystery Religion and it's time to tell the world this as well as warn them about the End of Abraham. The "End Times" meaning the end of the Piscean aeon and many traditional spiritual paths, as Jesus said (see his remark about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit not being forgiven in this aeon (Pisces) or the next, ours (Aquarius), something so few Christians read being led by Paul and Revelation to expect the End of Everything, not knowing what the End of Days and the Ancient of Days really represented.

God has now chased Abraham and Sarah all the way back to northern India through the god names and ideology, and Sanskrit/Hebrew connection, plus the physical evidence of the drying up Sarasvati River and its Brahmin-ruled Vedic civilization there, forcing their moving out around 2000 BC with their riches south into India proper and west into Iran where I can trace a direct Iranian Brahmin connection through their sun-god Surya, (Assyria, Syria, Asher, Asar/Asir/Osiris) all the way to Egypt. The Iranian Brahmin spiritual warfare against the Vedic Brahmin's devas has been continued on all the way to today in the Abrahamic warfare with the Devil and Mother.

With the inevitable End of Abraham, God seems intent on re-establishing spiritual authority in the Holy Land of the Old World and making a spiritual rainbow bridge to the New World as well because it was EL who woke me up spiritually at Easter of 1979 but unknown to me at the time EL arrived through Wakan Tanka's sacred mountain icon, Bear Butte, firmly establishing a spiritual connection between me, my family and Native America that took 25 years to become fully revealed. I am living two powerful spiritual visions that are both playing out in our real world and because I am a writer I have recorded my life's spiritual adventure. You and Christina are welcome to read it in its only public form (being too poor to publish) online at: My whole activist life works are recorded there and my art as well (was a master in the Psychedic Art Movement but alas, connected as it was to illegal drugs, galleries wouldn't touch it and it remains the only major American Art movement unrecognized as it will until my sacrament is as legal as Jesus' alcohol. My spiritual work currently is actively supporting the restoration of Canaan and the Holy Family, a project you can read all about in the Story of Paxcalibur, one of my most powerful spiritual visions that God has given me, forging a real live "magic sword" who's spiritual power over 500 Arab Christians in Nazareth, Israel witnessed and honored along with me in the courtyard of the Crusader-built Basilica of the Annunication in Nazaret, Israel, at Easter in the year 2003. Paxcalibur is in Palestinian hands as their Sign that God does not want the Holy Land divided and wants the end of bloodshed there. Zion has been utterly polluted with men's greed for territorial power using God as a weapon against God. I am a dedicated anti-Zionist (though a real lover of Zion where God as Peace was first worshiped in the world) and hope my anti-Zionist work doesn't offend as it is part and parcel of my spiritual path.

The cosmic portal, or Nierika of the Huichols
is the gateway to the numinous realm we can all experience.

So many synchronicity events as you can discover in my website have led me to believe I am carrying the prophesies that all of us who know how The Goddess has been stripped of power will now be comforted. She is Coming! I have seen Her and not only me, my daughter as well. This is the second powerful vision I am living out in real life, the Vision of Christ Josephine that came to me before I had any knowledge of the Lakota prophesy of the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman. 5 years after the Vision I learn who Christ Josephine is and then Wakan Tanka really got serious about it and literally married my daughter (she too had her vision of Josephine) into it when she married a good local white boy who a few years later, curious about the "Indian in the cupboard" in his own family tree, found himself a direct descendant of the Lakota's most famous spiritual war chief, Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull's Peace Medal given by President Grant I believe, is a family heirloom and my grandkids are a 16th Lakota.

I am friends with former Oglala president Alex White Plume and Orval Looking Horse, 19th Keeper of the Sacred Pipe given the Lakota by WBCW, knows of my Vision as does Alex. Alex will be supplying the four buffalo horns for the corners of the new Altar of Peace that Paxcalibur will eventually rest upon in Jerusalem. Both these visions are documented in my online book Biomystical Christianity where you can read them along with 28 years of visions, revelations and God-guided research that propels my spiritual life that has culminated with the Gospel of Humanity, which you can read at

I wanted you people to know I exist and that these two Visions, Christ Josephine and Paxcalibur are still seriously in motion and I do believe they are re-establishing spiritual authority ("Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe..") for the Spirit of Christ in wholeness, true Holiness, confirming the truth of the Gospel of Humanity. Like Yeishu ben Pantera, my personal "historical Jesus", I too am half-caste Jewish Gentile, but like John-Mark, author of the 1st Gospel, I have a trace of Libyan Sephardic (Mizraim) ancestry. Christ Josephine Herself will be coming from the Northern Cheyenne Little White Man lineage (i.e. the "Little Big Man"--Jewish line seen in the movie with Dustin Hoffman) as more synchronicity put me together with Her mother's family lineage. I have been in "Indian Country" for well over a decade working with a local tribe on ancestral land recovery. All this also can be read in my website at: See especially, my running journal, Stephen's Journal, that records the raw gnosis as I receive it. From it came the Gospel of Humanity and my course of action from now on.

I had to share this with you knowing your desire to see the Godhead and Creation back in balance again with the Holy Family reunited and intact once more so humanity, made in the image of God, made male and female, are once again whole and Holy One for we are Holy One.

Shalom, Stephen Lewis

Dhushara: I understand your trip and have had a similar one in certain ways. I'm happy to talk about this in detail so first let me just sketch the lie of the land. I have had a similar calling. I have written a lot of tracts from an avidly messianic point of view. I have made a journey of resynthesizing the gnostic roots of Christianity and the wider beliefs of the Near East that form the cultural backdrop to the God acting in history of the monotheistic tradition.

I have also wandered India as a sadhu and visited all the power plants of the Western hemisphere, taking the peyote ceremony with the native American church and the potions of the Amazon from leprous shamans. IN the millennium I made a journey to Israel where I dod some rites of passage of the reunion of the feminine and masculine aspects of reality, supported by liberal Jews in a very astute and open minded way.

I try to balance my numinous intervention in the karma of the planet with a scientific view of emergent and evolutionary biocosmology which in my opinion has far deeper and more valid roots than the iconic manga of biblical account and prophecy for all its cultural intrigue.

I would like to try to get together with some like-minded people and start a world futures movement, but I recognize two things. The first is that all religious systems survive and become popular because they are forces which appeal to the mass mind in an evangelical controlling manner that is reflective of a cultural process of domination rather than a true understanding (religio - bind together = fasces - bound bundle of sticks) , which exemplifies the gnostic dilemma. The second is that individual opinions differ so extensively that when you try to bring together even a very small number of people in a free spirited liaison, chaos is likely to ensue.

My take on the whole messianic question is that the godhead is manifest through the messianic immanence - that is the messiah is real but God is a projection of messianic consciousness. Second point. Messianic consciousness is what happens when we begin to take full personal responsibility for our incarnation on the planet and recognize that the only issue of value between life and death is leaving the world in a better more enlightened more sustainable state of paradise than it was when we arrived.

In my opinion this is the kind of cross-cultural revolution that Jesus set off but it is not an easy one to pursue because religions are, by their fascist nature, oppressive and can only be refertilized by a paradigm shift, which is often lethal for the instigator. Anything less just becomes a cult and does more harm than good.

The difficulty with perceived numinous visions is that they can easily become iconic revealed truths to the subject and mean a lot less to others, so the test of your ideas are, as for me whether you can convince "my very own friend" you have something going for them that you can both share and be liberated by. Jesus didn't do a very good job of this bit because he passed the sop to Judas in a way which doomed them both to a paranoid demise!

It's a much harder prospect to reflower the Tree of Life!

Stephen: Thanks, Chris, for your good response. The Gospel of Humanity reflects the new path God has put me on since receiving "confirmation" of the truth of God's Cosmic Plan. I feel I am a natural inheritor and synthesizer of Teilhard de Chardin's ideas only God has taken them to their ultimate conclusion in the Gospel of Humanity. I have no idea what to expect from following the visions I get but sometimes they do really astonishing things, as the Paxcalibur one did in Nazaret, Israel as well as the Vision of Christ Josephine manifesting in actual family ties to the Lakota's great spiritual chief, Sitting Bull. By unseen design, God put me in partnership for a while with a Norther Cheyenne woman who is of the Little White Man family and I am long time friends with her ex-husband working together for years on regaining ancestral tribal land. Since I have never pushed my spiritual trip on anyone I am free of association with any cult appearing group which I believe helps immensely in my ability to work easily and directly with spiritually minded people and tribal and church leaders as well as Muslims and Palestinian activists. They all see my heart is placed in God's hands to help evolve humanity towards its full meaning no matter what my particular religious views are, which actually are, necessarily quite critical of the traditional Abrahamic religions that are causing so much unnecessary pain, death, and misery in the world as you see as well as I do.

I am still committed to surrendering to the spiritual visions and will do them, in some ways, not to serve God and humanity but my own sanity as I am highly curious to see what these visions produce in the real world if anything at all like what they mean to me. I will be raised up according to God because I have produced the Gospel of Humanity and it contains the essential spiritual truth God wants the world to know now for our new aeon. For many it will mean God is taking "God" away and replacing God with humanity which is true but only semantically in the end, for it was always there from the beginning. But also, watch the movie The Other Conquest sometime soon to see how Catholic Christianity relatively easily, without real need of massive invasion of large conquering armies converted all of Mexico, Central and South America native cultures to Catholicism. It was Mary who did the conversion because most of these people worshiped the Great Mother and just transferred their Mother goddesses to the Virgin Mary. Because my Vision of Christ Josephine, even though obviously connected to White Buffalo Calf Woman, is in spiritual reality another "invasion" of a Mary-type of Great Mother on earth. My red brother Don Brenard are looking but in no hurry for possible incarnation of Christ Josephine within the Little White Man lineage-like his own daughter Mariah.

I do believe John when he writes, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe." Something the Gnostics didn't count on, relying as they did and do on intellectual effort instead of emotional possession to really change a person's beliefs and behavior patterns. So I will do some "signs", the ones given to me to do and see what happens. It's such a marvelous life God has given me with all these visions and knowledge and enough strength to carry them through that I very happy to do the assigned work.

Ok, back down to earth. Yes. The FACT remains, many many of us have visions we are utterly convinced are from God and as we know, the visions vary like night and day and all shades of colars and hues in between. The perennial problem of too many prophets running loose which again drives this prophet back to the signs, the evidence of God in motion on earth. Group effort. I will be thinking on it and check out your sites more.

Dhushara: I've been through the same sorts of experiences that you describe and I like your relationship with the native Americans, but I have a lot of difficulty taking sides between Zionism and Islamic ideas of a monolithic utopia dividing the world between the domains of submission and war, or with claiming to be an instrument of God's plan. I think all these religious agendas are deeply flawed and dangerous and damaging to our living futures together as one people.

Conscious existence is a primal mystery which is a complementarity between the sap and dew of the physical and numinous nature of the subjective sentient, with the molecular dance of biogenesis and the evolution of ever more sentient life forms, currently culminating in our own quasi-cosmological consciousness, the most intriguing and awesome manifestation of the cosmic potential of the universe to come to a climax of sentient diversity. Alongside this, gospel narratives of God acting in history look simplistic and assertively contrived.

However running through our coming of age is also an apocalyptic prescience that we have fallen from Paradise into diaspora and that the covers are about to be thrown off reality amid tumult and revelation, in coming face to face with the ultimate reality.

I see this apocalyptic vision as an archetypal theme on our collective consciousness which is a valid response to humanity's cultural emergence and episodes of ensuing political and environmental turmoil which has given rise to repeated rounds of genocidal conflict and many episodes of economic and ecological misadventure leading to war, famine and flood. But how valid the apocalyptic perspective is depends on being able to use it to bring about long term sustainability of the diversity of the tree of life of the generations of humanity and all living beings.

Some of us are capable of entering into visionary experiences, which we may find to be intensely meaningful immanent manifestations of the mysterium tremendum, but whether God exists, or is giving any one of us a cosmic plan, is an issue fraught with contradictions and situations of jeopardy, oppression and implicit violence against transgressors.

We need to learn more from nature and the diversity of life before committing to any moral imperative in the name of God's will. The idea that the lion will lie down with the lamb is simply not sustainable, nor is it beneficial.

I see the messianic quest as in potential full blown contradiction to both religion and the idea that the creator has a master plan. For example Jesus as a mashiach overthrew extant ideas of God and his ideas were again hijacked by the Hellenistic idea of God the Father sacrificing his firstborn. He was himself killed rather than being a religious leader in his own lifetime and his teachings, particularly the gnostic ones, suggest he is not the master and we are each the bearers of the cosmic union in the twinning of the Gospel of Thomas.

The acid test of the mashiach is to bring about an epoch of long-term future goodness. In the epoch of ecocrisis and cultural apocalypse this test is about human beings being able to assume personal responsibility for our impact on planetary viability of life and using our incarnations to ensure we leave the planet in a more blessed condition than it currently is, not in a state of mass extinction of biodiversity.

It would be really nice if this could happen through a catalytic social process that involves autonomy and diversity and mutual compassion.

I'm not sure about the role of belief. I feel more confident with visions sought in the winds blowing over the grasses and deep contemplation that the fixation of affirmative belief, which seems to lead to divine plans and punishments rather than enlightenment.

The Gospel of John is widely regarded as coming from one branch of the Gnostic tradition albeit at an extreme opposition to the Gospel of Thomas. Elaine Pagels has given a very 'true and sensitive' account of this somewhat tortured relationship.

I doubt the Gautama would have agreed with the Johanine position.

Stephen: Oh, sorry, Chris, for assuming you had read the Gospel of Humanity and then followed the links at the end to my website where my 28 years of my personal walk with God, "Biomystical Christianity, Climax Christianity, and my social change and environmental activist work can be found. I had attached the GoH to the emails that didn't go through I guess.

Please go to:

God has let go of you or you have let go of God as you have not been given awareness of the fatal flaw of the Buddhist philosophy, namely the logical ramifications of studies of Buddhist monks' brains while meditating and pursuing their efforts to find "enlightenment". These are the End Times for Buddhist philosophy as well as for the Abrahamic religions.

As I mentioned before, a spiritual awareness paradigm shift does not seem to happen to human beings without Jesus' truth found in John's Gospel- that without "signs and wonders" no one really believes. The Gnostics tried the intellectual path of acquired esoteric knowledge changing a person which does not work because spiritual consciousness is intimately wrapped up in our emotional make-up. That's why those who go through these intense visionary experiences are literally "shaken" emotionally to pieces. Like Muhammad, I too sweated buckets during my original religious conversion experience that lasted three days and consisted of non-stop synchronicity experiences my science-oriented atheist mindset could not fathom as being at all possibly happening yet they were happening. At the end of the three days I "knew" that I had experienced seeing the world as "maya", illusion, and I do actually have a memory from that time of knowing what would come out of the mouths of my family and friends before they said it, because I had seen the Script God gives us to work out in our mortal lives in preparation for the World to Come.

Read the Gospel of Humanity and you will see that while it fulfills the earlier Gospel messages of Jesus, fulfills to such and extent that one can read Thomas and the Gospels together to see the same message although Pagels is right that there was an intense spiritual battle between those Gnostic Christians who believed Creation to be a flawed affair, a material trap for the soul, etc, and those Gnostic Christians like John who utterly believed as I do too that Creation and the material world symbolized in Jesus asking Thomas to touch his spiritual/material body, is the true spiritual reality. God Itself is created through the evolution of Creation and "God" itself is humanity fully evolved at the "End of Days". This is not a new concept at all as it lies buried within those spiritual traditions that came down from the Mountain, probably first in the Himalayas, passed to Vedics and the Brahmins who moved the knowledge outward, south and west to Iran, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. One can fairly easily follow an Iranian Brahmin trail through their sun-god "Surya", the base name for Syria, Assyria, Asher, Asar, Asir, the Greek rendition being Osiris. The Abrahamics are still fighting the Iranian Brahmin religious war against Vedic Brahminism, with the Vedic spiritual Devas becoming our "devils" while to the Vedics, the Asuras are the evil spirits.

I am committed to surrendering my life to following through with the religious visions God gives me as I can literally do nothing else without feeling like I'm not doing my job, running away to go play where it's far easier to be "normal" and fit in with everyone else without God directly in their lives. Because pushing God of the picture as I see you and your path doing to favor human collective intellectual enlightenment, I cannot follow that path. While you look the part you are not what I have become which is really an old-fashioned Jewish prophet of God. It's just that this time around God has updated the Message into terminology our science-oriented minds can now grasp. But it still spiritually-driven knowledge that doesn't come through intellectual effort, individual or collective. Political work, based on spiritual awareness is where I am at and there perhaps we can meet in common effort to move our world towards eutopia, the Good Place.

Read the GoH, and follow the links to Biomystical Christianity which contains the Story of Paxcalibur and the Vision of Christ Josephine. In my running Gospel Journal, I have logged the new direction that God has put me on revealing God's Cosmic Plan and the End of Abraham, the Egyptian connection, etc. Because I am not really a scholar and information is vast, I have let God deliver those pieces of esoteric information to me over the years via following spiritual revelations coming into my mind or a friend hands me the "right book" at the right time, a news article appears confirming prior revelations, etc. You people have obvious done far more research than I and it will be of immense value for those needing to understand how and why the Abrahamic faiths have been overthrown by God itself through historical discovery. But the core spiritual truth held captive and almost unknown within the Abrahamic traditions is where God has placed this Christian prophesy bearer with Jewish roots and so I have been "aimed" at the Abrahamics.

Chris, God is with me, immanuel and I will help where I can in your efforts to expand the collective knowledge group as God has directed me towards exposing the pagan roots of the Abrahamic traditions in order to overthrow their mesmerization of believers. This process will have to come through the intellectual efforts of people like you and your group and there's where we can join together--I would love to see a world conference on Abrahamic religious violence and how to end it with scholars coming from all around the world to give imput to the need to overthrow Abrahamic religious myths of origin taken as literal history and mandates for social cruelty that have kept our world at war for the last 2500 years.

Let me know what you guys think after going through my stuff and seeing that I am still in God's hands and do the things God wants of me.

Dhushara: I've had a look at the Gospel of Humanity. I like the basic gist of the ideas, but one thing I have learned is that to get from here to the blessed state takes more than personal conviction.

I like and agree with the 'emergent cosmology' of Chardin in its general appreciation for convergence of consciousness. Here is how I had it depicted in 1999 after a diagram from a famous biology professor here who was a liberal Christian.:

In my first e-mail to you I typed that if God is manifest anywhere in the universe it is in the biota, before hitting the delete button, which is precisely your Chardin quote:

Teihard de Chardin: "If God were to have a throne anywhere in the universe it would be in the most complex part of it which we presently know is the human brain."

The messianic complex is something in the wind that many of us can experience first hand.

Around 1980 after a wild visionary night on our land I decided to do the millennial rite of passage if the world hadn't got its shit together before then. I figured 20 years was a good test. It didn't and I scored my last sabbatical to do it. The director of the school let me write my own referee's recommendation for a fellowship on the express condition I didn't say I was walking on water, which is a measure of the relatively high degree of confidence my colleagues placed in my state of mind.

I lay claim to being born Chris King the messiah of the Tree of Life echoed in Robert Graves combined works "King Jesus" and "The White Goddess" accepted for publication the week of my birth which predicted the ecocrisis of religion, just as the first plutonium began to roll out of Hanford, signaling the final powers of mutually assured annihilation.

I don't just believe. There is a stronger reality, which Carlos Castaneda the somewhat fraudulent writer of Native American allegories of shamanism called "having to believe" - meaning not a prescriptive belief, but a belief validated from manifestations in the world around us in coincidence and prescient happening.

Castaneda rightly pointed out that God was on the table cloth of the tonal - the world of imposed order - and rooted the assemblage point, our umbilical flux of visionary energy, to its fixed position, rather than allowing it to become loosened so we could experience the totality of the tonal and nagual representing the complementation of chaos and order together.

Now the difficulty with the whole christogenesis idea is that to work it can't be manifest in just one or two of us and certainly not in the Hellenistic 'body of christ' as in the diagram, but is a natural process which is intrinsic to our existential condition. This means that everyone is implicitly the messiah or no one is. We can't have a natural convergence to full biological enlightenment and at the same time live out a reality where one prophet is appointed to be the son of man.

Also if God is manifest in the biota, and is our future conscious becoming, then God can't have a master plan in the naive sense most religious people would imagine. The master plan is actually us acting with compassion for the future to do the good thing and reflower the living planet.

Also God, as actually conceived by believers, whether we like it or not is a highly patriarchal entity with horrific attributes of jealousy and retribution, which many Gnostics called the demiurge, and the Ophites likened to Satan.. Hochmah has always been crying out from everlasting that she was there before His works of old - sister-spouse and lover dutiful wife and the strange woman with honey comb dripping from her salacious mouth. So if we are all coming to an apocalyptic awakening, in which God becomes manifest in us it had better be the feminine cosmic in there too and it has to fulfill the natural edge-of-chaos complexity of the Tree of Life of the generations.

Nature and evolution are not moral in the sense of divine order, or any of the ten commandments. The universe isn't a sin graduation course for us to be punished in hell. Tigers eat their prey and this is the natural condition and without it the gazelles would likely become extinct by eating out the grassland. The diversity of life got here by evolution, as the genome projects are laying bare once and for all. If there is a specific compassionate force in evolution leading towards cosmic consciousness, we have to be very careful about what we call it or imagine it to be. The theories of everything at the nub of creation remain enigmatic although tantalizingly close, so we are warned not to jump to any naive conclusions about any rule of divine order. Free-will is not just there to obey the will of God. It has more to do with quantum entanglement, uncertainty, and how the chaotically excitable brain actually generates subjective consciousness.

The messianic age is prophesied to end with the return of the Life Tree. I am standing at the gateway. I won't stand for any false awakening based on a demiurge God hanging over from the through a glass darkly epoch.

You rightly assert that Paul and those that followed him produced a degenerate teaching, but you are also falling for the Johanine way in spite of Thomas. This is as risky as siding with the Palestinians against the Israelites when the healing is a whole world in closing circle.

All of us born in the generation of the transition from native paradise to the scientific age of the genome have the duty and capacity to throw the covers off reality, but actually doing it is more than saying so.

I have, as I mentioned, an acid test. If we can't convince 'my very own friend' the 'Judas' in the piece, then there is no point in trying to convince the 5000. When I went to Jerusalem in 2000, at least my family acknowledged that, given the balance of incredibility of world leaders, I might as well do the good thing.

Lao Tsu left behind the Tao te Ching only because he was stopped by a guard on the Great Wall and ostensibly incarcerated until he left a trace of his wisdom for those that would follow. I take a leaf out of his book!

When the Christian missionaries came to New Zealand, the last shore on Earth, they hoped and anticipated that this would be the last step in carrying the teachings of Christ as a prelude to the Second Coming.

But the Maori tribes almost to a 'man' adopted the Old Testament and claimed to be one of the lost tribes of Israel, leading to many different Maori prophetic movements.

One of them going by Kohititangamarama "the first appearance of the moon" built twelve pillars of the temple to be, out of huge native trees. The leader then waited on the shore of the river and a flood came which washed them all out to the coast as he had envisioned. But the one called Joseph floated out to sea and had to be brought back by boat. He took this as a sign that the time was not right but awaited a future prophet. These pillars still lie on a wind-swept beach, all the followers of the path having now passed away.

One idea I had was to plant them as giant peace poles on the 'Twelve Corners of the Earth" so to speak. One in Jerusalem, one in the Amazon ... and so on. Something a bit similar to your fusion of Hebrew and Native American ways.

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