Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Fatwa on Purdah" Movie Released on YouTube

We have just completed production of the movie version of the Fatwa on Purdah.

You will see from the link below to YouTube that some Muslim traditionalists from Malaysia managed to get this movie banned from YouTube for political reasons even though it is factual. You can nevertheless watch the original from the link below at the dhushara site. This is a very worrying manifestation of political Islam attempting to smother criticism of its treatment of women and fascist world agendas of the absolute rule of allah by attempting to censor the free media. This movie is among several which have been summarily benned by YouTube after pressure from Muslim political organizations the Google proprietors don't want to alienate, in case it reduces their market share.

A Fatwa on Purdah: Unveiling Hijab, Niqab, Burqa, and Chador
WARNING: Scenes are included which you may find distressful.

Link to the High Quality Stereo Movie:

Full text 50 page monograph:
"A Fatwah on Purdah: Unveiling Niqab, Burqa, Chador and Hijab

Download link to the stereo audio mp3 track:

A video and documentary fatwa to unveil the veil and liberate the world from violent and lethal punishments for adultery. It has come about, because a conservative Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye. Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan, an influential ultra-conservative cleric, said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive. To cut out one eye from being able to perceive the world at large, is an assault on the most basic integrity and autonomy of the human being. The need to cover the woman entirely comes from a mistaken notion that because women are beautiful and attractive, they are entirely awrah (sexual parts), and thus must be entirely concealed, even to covering one eye, or they will pose a shameful threat to themselves and to their family, through being uncontrollably attractive to strange men. This is an assault, not only on women, the sex who bear the living generations of humanity, but on men, social trust, the natural world, and our access to it. It stands alongside dire punishments, such as stoning women for adultery, which are an affront to the basm-allah بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم “Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate”.

Fatwa on Purdah

This is my fatwa on purdah
This is my unveiling of the way.
You don't have to hide the fact you're beautiful,
so let your love light meet the light of day

Oh you don't have to wear the hijab
and you don't have to cover one eye at all.
Please don't be eclipsed by your jet black chador,
it's not written in there at all!

And you don't have to wear the burqa,
and you can let your old abaya fall.
You don't have to hide your face in the shadow of your niqab,
al-Llah never ordained it at all!

And you don't have to be stoned for adultery,
or whipped a hundred lashes on your side.
You are sovereign, never shameful, you are sacred.
It was a crying sin they committed to make you hide.

This is our song of liberation,
to open up the prison, to let us see,
for the time of awakening is the unveiling,
merciful, compassionate and free.

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