Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sleepwalkers' Awakening becomes a Movie

Here is the video version of Sleepwalkers' Awakening on YouTube
The mp3 song link is here. For lyrics and other NiƱo tracks see here.

I want to explain something to you that is definitively portrayed in "Sleepwalkers' Awakening".

The song makes clear that we have TWO complementary primary incarnate responsibilities  -  one to discover the true nature of existence, without any preconceived assumptions, before we hurtle through life to our demise like sleepwalkers, and the other - even more important and essential - to give our whole life energy to the reflowering of life and its sustenance for the future generations.

There is not just one spiritual, or religious quest but two. Not just the one moralistic invocation to love the one God, or 'Jesus as Lord', or to submit to al-Llah under pain of death, but two - to both seek true illumination in the conscious mind and, even more importantly, to act as guardians of the ongoing life flow, for the unborn generations of life and the future flowering of life and consciousness.

One doesn't have to be religious to be spiritually illuminated. In fact religion is in fundamental conflict with true spiritual insight, because it interposes doctrine and priesthood in between ourselves and the insight of true enlightenment.

We now know that Christianity is in no way the path of Jesus. All that fell apart with the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas and a few of the other Nag Hammadi texts. In fact Christianity is a Hellenistic pagan syncretic fusion of fantastic beliefs in the born again aftermath of Paul of Tarsus amid acrimonious conflict between diverse cults during the Roman ascendancy. The Eucharist sacrament of soma and sangre is diabolical and the belief in worshiping Christ as only begotten Son of God is in frank contradiction to Yeshua's own teachings - wholly pagan and a completely corrupt cosmology.

Neither is Buddhism the religion of Buddha, although in this case the transmission is a little truer to the insights of the founder, and the quest is closer to enlightenment, although also contaminated with mind over nature fallacies.

All religions attempt to command the mental sphere as sacred, only to degenerate it into a moral dystopia of betrayal of God - in the case of Christianity, a war between God and Satan, in which both parties come off looking diabolical, as the Gnostics rightfully pointed out, claiming God was a mere demiurge, and history shows Christianity to be little better than Islam in terms of unmitigated violence and frank genocide. Islam demands complete submission to al-Llah and Buddhism likewise strives to command the mental sphere through elaborate doctrine, assuming control over the existential dilemma of the grasping ego, attempting to escape the cycle of birth and death, in the absence of the meaning and affirmation natural life itself provides.

Religious history demonstrates that the mental quest for God and eternal life takes compete precedence over the reflowering of nature as an immortal life process, right to the point of diabolizing nature as corrupt, even though some liberal Christians try to take a greenish view of the Church's guardianship implied by cherishing and replenishing the Earth, and some Buddhists, particularly Zen, commune with nature as satori, leaving the complementary Yin and Yang of the Tao and some forms of shamanism as the only paths respecting nature in its essence.

So the real problem is that no organized religion on Earth accepts the second primary responsibility, leaving the entire human and biodiverse planet in jeopardy. In many ways religion is more dangerous to the planet than business-as-usual, because it is irrational and plays deceitfully to everyone's worst fears, has manifest utopian ideals of planetary conquest and extols natural domination - dominion over nature - in the traditions of scorched-Earth habitats in which the entire Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition was generated. Business-as-usual is selfish, and left unchecked can rape the planet and cause untold damage, but human knowledge and common sense can prevail, and in a rational  investment environment, act as a brake on harmful forms of development.

The only way we can redeem this situation is to set our sights on the pursuit of true knowledge, without any preconceived assumptions, as the sciences and humanities depend on for their veracity, and begin a tradition of personal dialogue about the 'second attention' - preserving and enriching the diversity of life - not just as a moral or ethical principle, but a manifestation of our conscious awareness and the need to give to the perpetuity of life in return for the mortality of our own personal experience, to make any meaningful sense of our existential condition.

This rebirthing of the sacredness of nature is absolutely essential. Without preserving the resilience of life and its diversity we face eclipse or annihilation. By comparison, the religious quest is a mere indulgence - naked lunch on the lawn of time - a self-fulfilling device for us to believe in our personal salvation.

Without religion we can learn to understand reality and discover our own inner nature.
Without safeguarding the diversity of life we embrace extinction.  It's that simple.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Delphic Oracle Sings a Lullaby

Here is the mp3 link to my latest musical production Sleepwalkers Awakening about enlightenment, immortality, genocide and the restoration.  Hence it's truly a Delphic Oracle song ...

I've been sitting here thinking that the world is turning,
round and round, spinning threads, shifting sands, drifting in the wind
day after day goes by, nights come rolling round in slumber
dreaming of the inevitable time of awakening,
forgetting in our illusions, the times that are hurtling by.
Caught in the miasma, it's hard to take a breath of air
to find the inspiration to step off the merry go round.

But what is the hidden lesson that the wheel of birth and death can teach us?
What is the meaning and purpose of this all-too-giddy plight,
running helter-skelter from one carousel to another,
pretending that the bright lights are the key to immortal life,
loving like there's no tomorrow, and never an end in sight?
Can we catch our breath and be, even for a moment,
to see if we can see the future forming before our eyes? 

We have been treading an endless road together,
travelers on a journey from end to end of time
Is there some kind of secret door we can exit the hall of mirrors
and find our way in the wilderness beyond the trackless wastes of time,
hearing the silences between the sounds, perceiving beyond appearances,
falling into eternity, existing in the very instant,
full complete and abundant, radiating the light of life.

We know we are creatures of flesh and blood, of biological origins
evolving sexual beings, of sensual experience,
living in a living world, with every kind of organism,
species coexisting in the tangled web of generation,
creatures of the grasslands, the forests, the wetlands and seas.
This is a lament, for so many facing extinction,
in a crime against humanity, that is a genocide of life.

Can we find the resolve, to safeguard the living planet
as guardians of the diversity, upon which we all depend?
Can we look beyond our self-absorbing visions 
of domination, of conquest, of ascendency and war?
Can we embrace the spirit of love that brings together one and all?
This is a song of hope, in the face of catastrophe
a tricky little lullaby to calm the waters of strife.

We each come from the perennial web, unbroken since the dawn of time,
in which every generation has given life to the next.
Can we find the courage, to reflower reality,
to open up the floodgates, to the epoch of paradise?
In a time of so much promise, of cosmological discovery,
the very last thing our generations need is a planetary mass demise.

So let's just do the one very good thing for the sanctity of life.