Monday, March 17, 2014

Cat Paradox Music Track

Cat Paradox (mp3 download)
Song of the unrequited quantum physics of love

Have we all been running around in circles?

Thinking time is linear, caught in the kitten's cradle,

when all our pasts, and all of our futures

are woven together in the entanglement.

I thought I saw you dancing, spiraling all around me,

but now I have realized it was just some smoke on the wind.

We shared the same illusion, we were on the same wavelength,

but with uncertain momentum, and the energy to collide.

I will always remember. I will always be thinking of you

in the overlapping waters flowing through the tides of history,

among the tangled threads, in the webs of our communion,

beyond the furthest reaches of the trackless wilderness,

in the halls of the mirrors of our recollections 

I will always be seeking the paths to reunite.

Although we've been thrown apart in the recoil of interaction

skittering on a tangential, parabolic arc.

I know that we will come sweeping back together 

like comets with shining tails blazing across the sky.

I know that we shall always be entwined with one another

in the cosmic wave function enclosing the universe.

So this is the sacred braid of our enchantment.

Schrodinger's cat paradox of the tanged tale of life.

Even in our seasons of long-forsaken loneliness

love echoes on together from end to end of time.

reverberating in superposition, hidden in uncertainty,

entwined in our entanglement, enveloped in our correlation,

neither dead nor alive, are we bound just to be free?