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The Tantric Tao of Shakti Shankar

The Tao of Biocosmology

Female is to male,

as earth is to sky,
as dreaming is to waking,
as wave is to particle,
as chaos is to cosmos,
as egg is to sperm,
as means are to ends,
as mosaic is to monad,
as gathering is to seeking,
as atheism is to religion,
as moonlight is to sunlight,
as humanities are to science,
as continuous is to discrete,
as calculus is to algebra,
as intuition is to rationality,
as gnosticism is to orthodoxy,
as wisdom is to knowledge,
as Garden is to Kingdom,
as body is to mind,
as world is to self.
Chris King

Limited free will choice is superficial illusion. God/universe is deterministic and we are along for the ride, not realizing that the essence of all reality cannot exist any other way, than the way that unfolds before us.

Dhushara: This is a deluded recipe for catatonia and for taking no responsibility for our actions at all. It's the worst sort of rationale to live for the present and be utterly selfish. You may as well blow your brains out or someone else's - because its all destined to happen anyway?

Why the hell are you able to decide whether or not to reply to this borderline insulting post then? Every time we get up and go to the John and go to the kettle and make ourselves a cup of coffee we are investing in the autonomy of free choice.

You are being an Aztec of yourself, but at least the Aztecs thought they could keep the Sun on course by sacrificing a few people like you.

No God faring religion believes this sort of crap! Only artificial intelligence buffs who cast themselves into the same mold as the von Neumann CPU. How can we sin if we are just automata or Pavlovian salivating dogs?

Even the rule of law depends on personal accountability. If you are 100% determined there's not even any point in punishing you, except that the punishment is also inevitable, and will I guess drive you to obey if we (inevitably) make it severe enough!

If you believe this you should just sit on the ground and wait for death to overtake you, because surely you will do more harm than good by carrying on this way!

tell us how your really feel.
Your unfolding,
scours the head,
leaving only ashes,
tell us how you really feel.
We await your knowledge of all,
cleanse us of our salivating dog-like nature,
and numbers from the metaphysical void.
Blow us onto the wind,
of responsible actions,
less the self leads us into catatonia,
and the simplistic binary space of AI.
We die so that others may live,
without punishment.
Amen, Ohhh Great Mama!

Dhushara: Here as promised is my unveiling of The Tantric Tao

How I see this and know this is that the universe is a way the sentient cosmos can pull itself up by its own bootstraps to become more completely aware of itself and to bring about what Alan Watts once called the "Joyous Cosmology" - the existential crisis unveiled.

Although we live on the basis we are in the physical world, we actually experience only the stream of consciousness, from everyday waking states, through dream and nightmare to other 'near death' and psychotropic experiences. Although subjective experience seems ephemeral, particularly when we witness the demise of others it is thus at the source root of existence, and fallible as we may be we are like it or not in the archetype of the source creation itself.

We can imagine consciousness simply as an internal model of reality produced by the brain and in a pragmatic sense this is absolutely true, but it's not just this, because we know it also evokes the total and complete veridical reality we witness and call the world and the mind together.

So how does the existential cosmos manage to generate the conscious mind? To do this it has to manifest as a Tao, expressing the archetypal qualities of the existential dilemma in fully differentiated, symmetry-broken complementary form as Female Yin and Male Yang generating the whole of nature. So we experience being
spirit minds locked in mortal biological organisms, particles collapsing out of waves, males anxiously courting females and chaos annihilating and regenerating order.

It is also a Tantric origin, because this complementarity is manifest as the diversity of objective forms (Shakti) being observed by the eternal indivisible subjective sentience (Shankar). The Tantric creation has three key attributes. Firstly the universe is a fuck. A fertility fuck par excellence between two sacred sovereign
principles. Secondly the evolution is from complete intimacy to the overflowing complexity of life. Thirdly each of the female and male principles are cosmic and direct manifestations of the cosmic source,
so each of us as expressing these source attributes, are in the cosmic likeness of the source itself, not through a glass darkly but face to face.

We ARE GOD! This is the immediate realization of the Buddha, of the Christ, of the Mashiach, of the Maha-samadhi.

The process is however deeper than this because it is physical also of Shakti's sap and dew. For life to be possible, the cosmological origin has to present the most complete asymmetric symmetry-breaking differentiation possible and so revolves around the exceptional simple group E8 as multi-dimensional roots of our four-dimensional space-time and the additional six or seven internal symmetries of colour, flavour, and Higg's fields spanning up from the neutrino through the leptons and quarks to the bosons and possibly their super-symmetric partners.

And all these woven together through quantum transaction and quantum entanglement and the wave-particle complementarity that leaves open the loophole for 'free-will' to be able to bring the intuitions of conscious experience to bear fruit in the survival of the living organism.

This complex differentiation of the fundamental forces is not just to be arcane. It is absolutely necessary, because it leads to molecular matter and tissue and central nervous systems as interactive non-linear fractal structures. Without this exceedingly ingenious symmetry-breaking at the nub we wouldn't have life at all because atoms and molecules as we know them in their complexity wouldn't be stable. So tissue and brain tissue is the interactive catastrophe that results from cosmic symmetry-breaking.

We then move into the universe with stars and planets and we get into the era of young solar systems and we find that the non-linear fractal nature of chemical bonding leads to a certain set of complexity chain reactions that fairly directly lead to replicating RNA from high energy molecular species such as HCN and HCHO.

From there the enchanted loom of quantum evolution starts weaving the patterns of replicating life forms and pretty much immediately we discover that sexuality is the key to the book of changes of life's forms. Bacteria are pan-sexual via viruses and transposons and we have evolved to become the loom of dyadic egg-sperm sex, which enables almost endless genetic variety without loss of developmental integrity.

At the same time the chaotically excitable cell became an avenue for quantum consciousness to take off and over we time come to a converging reality of universal solutions to the neurological dilemma - how to experience and anticipate reality in a way which preserves our survival to reproduce another round of the loom of the generations.

Intimate with this process are a slew of closing circle developments in which the organism becomes ever more deeply aware of itself and the world through universal solutions from the camera eye, through dynamics emotions which transcend genetic selfishness and sensitively dependent conscious intellectual thought and meditative contemplation.

Although this process is fraught with tooth and claw and pathological disease and misfortune in the mortal coil there is a beneficent association between sentience and early human survival on life-spans of up to 30 or 40 years.

Entering into this equation is the red queen sexual courtship race between male and female, in which neither sex can have the upper hand and each has to run while standing still to secure the affection and fertility of the other, resulting in a runaway peacocks tail effect on intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, humour, and emotional
caring and love, offset by equally strong forces of oppression, exploitation, pillage and rape.

Ultimately sexuality is our shibboleth because we sacrifice our parthenogenetic immortality in accepting the altruism of sexual recombination, making endless diversity of life at the cost of individual death.

This arrangement leads to us experiencing the mystery of the existential dilemma directly as subjectively aware sentient beings.

We do have egos but these are simply our survival dynamic grasping towards our own success and shying away from our demise. As we enter into cultural situations which reject nature, we begin to find new
forms of unnatural human evil associated with cultural egotism, and religious oppression which in turn can lead to our own alienation and loss of relationship with our existence.

However the lesson of sexuality, fertility and giving life to the passage of the generations is that we come to realize that we must needs take responsibility for our incarnation as being in the likeness of the cosmic source and our only real and certain opportunity to do the best for the living universe while we stand briefly on this all too magical and yet horrifying Earth. To do anything else is grasping at straws.

Absolutely critical is treating life, all life and the future of life's diversity as sacred and as a sacred duty to protect above all - above our own realization too although it is entirely consistent with it.

Religions try to sell us a path of commitment at high individual cost to believers, to penalize defectors and free-loaders, thus forming degenerate exploitative social systems, which favour larger more dominant social groupings rather than human enlightenment.

It is thus in overturning all religious assumptions that we come to an immediate immanence which gives us the opportunity to experience the state of the true avatar - the true messiah - the untamed noble savage - that is the liberated cosmic mind manifest in each of us - compassionately of the mortal coil - in knowing we are the cosmic source come at last to know itself in the numinous illuminated shadows of our minds.

Cliff: I liked most of it. But why give the cosmic tao credit for yin and yang when life started asexual? With all that cosmic yin and yang manifesting everywhere, why asexual?

Dhushara: Who said life started asexual?

Bacteria have viral and transposon (jumping gene) sex and have sex between species which is indirectly why we have infectious antibiotic resistance. Bacterial sexuality includes sex organs made by jumping genes which make a conjugation tube connecting different species of bacteria, so you could say bacteria are these sexiest organisms alive.

If you go back to the RNA-era before DNA, where the one molecule was doing both replication and catalysis, this sexuality was probably universal because larger stable genomes and jumping genes were just part of a whole diverse dynamic population.

Where is there an asexual organism?

A few organisms such as lizards and aphids with extremely stable niches or the need to reproduce explosively in a short time have developed temporary parthenogenesis - but they always revert to cryptic sex, sometimes across related species when the environment changes.

Are there just two sexes?

Yes with fusion sex, where the sperm and egg represent a fundamental symmetry-breaking as a result of cytoplasmic wars, when two isogametes combine (in primitive algae and slime molds). But no with conjugation sex where some fungi have up to 20 different sexes.

Rybo: Chris, fungus can have 20, 30 or more sexes.

Dhushara: Who cares? The point is I said up to 20. It's clearly much more than 2! Once you can have 3 you can have any number, but it only works with conjugation sex, in which essentially any two different genetic types can mate because they are just swapping DNA through a tube.

In fusion sex when you have isogametes, (two gametes with both cytoplasm and flagellae) a cytoplasmic war results, with the mitochondria and other cytoplasmic elements fighting to the point where 90% of the cytoplasm is destroyed.

So this leads to a symmetry-breaking between a large 'wave-like' out-front ovum which accepts only one sperm (and rejects as much as possible all the organelles, except the aster at the base of the flagellum, used for chromosome division), through a fast excitation potential and sometimes amoebic engulfing and complementing the ovum, a large number of 'particulate' sneaky sperm.

It is from this symmetry-breaking that we end up with tissue layers and organisms. So sex also comes before organismic life too.

It is also the source of men being polygamous and sewing wild oats and patriarchal religions trying to control female sexuality and stoning women for adultery because women give birth to live young and men are
never absolutely sure who their offspring are and compensate for uncertainty by trying to screw every woman in sight and mutilating and killing women for having any sexual choices.

But it is FEMALE sexual choice which drives the emergence of human intelligence, because XY chromosomes in particular and males generally are the competing sex which females select. All females can get pregnant, so although there is some mutual human mate choice, the overpowering theme is female sexual and reproductive choice continually being attacked and assaulted by jealous males.

Rybo: "Fungi are good model systems for the evolution of human sexual differentiation because the genetic sequences responsible for sex are smaller versions of chromosomal sex-determining regions in people,"

Dhushara: That's pretty fascinating. The Y came originally from an X and still has some areas of paired genes with the X which still cross-over with X in meiosis.

Over time the non-paired genes on the Y mutated and degraded and the Y shrank except for the inclusion of migrating male accessory genes, in addition to male determining SRY which back themselves up by having
tandem Y copies activated by transposition instead.

But a lot of reptiles and fishes use temperature, or sexual dominance to determine sex, so that fungal SRY gene must be a very ancient sex influencing gene that has had conserved sexual determination over many changes of actual trigger.

There is a similar 'homeotic' gene pax6 in camera eye development of the mouse which will make ectopic compound eyes on a fruit fly's leg if introduced into Drosophila:

See pic:

Dhushara: You can see how strong female reproductive choice is in humans from two combined effects, one phenotypic and the other genetic:

1. Female mammals give birth to live young and lactate giving the female a principal reproductive commitment in parenting, and thus being extra choosy about who they mate with. Humans are at a mammalian extreme here - not a unisex species. Correspondingly males try to invest reproductively in sexuality by sewing wild oats and corralling the females - as in Islam and other patriarchal religions. Only 3% of mammals are socially monogamous, because females choose which males they mate with and some males get much more than others.

2. XY-sex inheritance puts a lot of brain related genes on the X chromosome where they can be involved in a runaway process of sexual selection. Males being single X are thus very spread in intelligence from subnormal to genius (the Mozart effect), so that female sexual selection is optimally positioned to cull off useless X genes displayed in males. There are at least 8 forms of X-linked male mental retardation. By contrast the female brain is an X-chimera like a tortoise shell cat, and so female intelligence is less divergent. Moreover the same X-genes may play a role in astute female choice of sexual partner, thus giving these X genes a runaway selection.

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