Saturday, January 18, 2014

Here's the link to my latest studio-produced music track completed  today

The Long Ride - aka a 40 year conjugal affair - following on from the remastered "Love" see:

As usual it's about truly loving the one you're with, but it's also about time and the way life flashes past before our eyes before we know what's happened, so its a warning to all of us not to become fixated on our neuroses and negative attitudes towards one another - because life is too short!.

The Long Ride

Have we been slumbering in the dreamtime?
As life hurtles on before our eyes.
Shooting through it in a state of sheer distraction.
A mortal condition with which we all can sympathize.
Can we still catch the living moment?
And open the gates of time and tide?

Did we gaze upon eternity
in fleeting moments we seldom recognize?
Did we become entangled in one another
just to discover the truth in how time flies?
You know our hearts have not been broken,
so we have to know we've been in for the long ride.

Do you remember - the first time we met?
We lay all night in your little tent together
making passionate love as if the morning would never come.

Wandering the streets - of old Penang
taking a bus from Medan to Lake Toba
fireflies in the monkey forest, small bats flying over.

Living on our land - of Opuhi.
Crouching together in the smoke of the meeting house.
Walking with the children down to the school bus

Staring across the gulf -  at the islands.
Listening in the moonlight to the call of the Morepork,
little breezes shivering, crickets making small talk.

Decades have passed. Our children - have had children.
Biding our times, abiding whole seasons.
The cry and the smile of love beyond reason.

My gratitude to you - is  ever flowing.
As long as we journey the good life together
you always will be my perennial lover.

Through many long years I've been loving you
You've always been standing by my side
In times of separation and togetherness.
Through the very flux and change we are entwined.
So this is a song of recognition
to acknowledge the tortuous journey of our lives.