Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cancer Treatments and Anti-cancer Substances

Here is a link to my folio of articles on cancer treatment and anti-cancer biodynamics in food and medicinal plants. It's pretty huge, but I thought it would be helpful to lots of people to put it all together on the net:

I have another food article linked in the above one - The Chemical Complexity of Food, which has all the biodynamic plants and foodstuffs and their active molecules listed and discussed.


This page contains a collection of news articles in pdf format on advances in cancer treatment and the anti-cancer properties of specific fruit, vegatables and other foodstuffs. Many individual foodstuffs have differential anti-cancer properties and some are cancer causing. Choosing a good combination of dietary factors can make a significant collective difference to human survival rates and cancer avoidance.

Cancer is in some ways a disease of the embryogenic pathway ( 1, 2, 3), so involves faulty cancer stem cells (1, 2, 3, 4) which may play a role in the spread of more malignant forms and also incite tissue transfer through secreted growth factors.

Cancer Immunology: It also involves a breakdown of the immune system in which malignant cells are not recognized soon enough, resulting in the cancer adapting and producing adaptive mutations which shield immune signatures. Both of these mechanisms are targets of novel treatment.

The links are in no way comprehensive, but simply form a record of articles noticed and listed for future reference and a starting point for further research. Many of the foodstuffs are located under specific cancer types but could be active across a spectrum of cancers.

There is a more comprehensive discussion on foodstuffs in The Chemical Complexity of Food.