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Apocalypse Iran Israel and the Genocide at Medina

Muhammad orders an unjustified genocide of 700 Jewish men in the Souk of Medina

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Rebelstang: WITH a REBEL YELL,They Started It, So We'll Finish It. They want Nukes, We've got a few to Spair. So we'll Send 'im one. Defending Yourself is Not Unholy. But strapping bombs on oneself and killing inocent peaple is. Suicide is a PATH OF COWORDS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL. IF islamofascist want to fight. Then wage war like Men not Pigs.

Icekarma: your'e not doing yourself any favors by depicting muslims as lunatics who strap bombs to theirselves for no reason..or for thinking that muslims hate us because our women show all their legs or we can drink all night in nightclubs, in order to stop terror you must understand what motivates these ppl yes they strap bombs on and kill innocent civilians but in order to have any effect on the war against terrorism we must find out what motivates them and it is useless to think they hate us because our women dress in mini-skirts and we drink in discos. american soldiers commit equally atrocious acts such as raping an iraqi girl then murder her whole family.

Dhushara: I agree about wanton US violence, not only committed in Muslim countries by rogue soldiers, but in Vietnam and so on, where there are still lots of people with hideous genetic damage from Agent Orange.

However we all need to face the fact that Islam does fear girls in miniskirts and drinking in discos and that Islam has a manifest agenda of conquering the world through violence and trickery.

Muhammad appointed a dying man as judge over the fates of 700 Jewish men in Medina who had never actually betrayed the Umma, but merely held diplomatic links with both the Umma and the Quraysh. They were summarily beheaded in the Souk for fear they might. The women were taken as (sex) slaves. This act of genocide proved completely unnecessary because Muhammad then made a peace treaty at Hudaybiyah and afterwards broke it in a trick when he knew he had enough supporters to march on Mecca. The genocide was thus wanton and unnecessary and the peace treaty was a fake. The reality is that Islam divides the world between domains of submission (Islam) and War (Dar al Harb).


Islam has a utopian aim of introducing Sharia. Women are to be controlled and to cover themselves so that men can control female reproduction and sexuality completely. This is not only against civil liberties but against human evolution, intelligence and humanity's future survival.

In the last week a raped 17 year old has been hideously stoned to death in Somalia and a bunch of women who held a traditional celebration whipped.

A Saudi cleric last month ordered that women not only had to cover themselves from head to toe and their faces and hands, but cover one eye as well because two eyes was too seductive:


We can't simply hope that Western traditions of tolerance and mutual respect will solve problems of religions using manifest lethal forms of punishment to become a force of oppression on the basis of utopian apocalyptic agendas. This is precisely how the Quraysh got taken out.

The day Muhammad arrived in Mecca he had the slave singer Sarah summarily executed for singing songs against him. Other women had their tongues cut out. Om Kerfa, revered matriarch of the tribes, was torn apart by two camels at the age of 90. This is the perfect example we are talking about here. The ideal for all Muslims to follow!

Icekarma: so how does this play out anyways? is our liberal attitudes toward women giving them status equal to men the trigger for jihad? meaning that their utopia version of radical islam means that satan finally has corrupted by women no longer having to submit to their men but when i stated that they dont hate us because of the reasons i stated where i was going is that they hate america because they are invading their countries and believe me there are no shortage of vids showing the animalistic treatment of the in point..american soldiers taunting iraqi children with bottled water and having them chase on foot a jeep all to give these sick americans their jollies.and of course we cant forget the poor taxi-driver who was in the way of yank soldiers so they ran a tank over it meaning that his whole livelihood was trashed and i cant help thinking that was the end of line for him since i doubt iraqi has any functional insurance,like before i mentioned us soldiers rape an iraqi girl and then kill her entire family.and of course if youre a typical iraqi citizen and your house is wiped right off the planet,all you possessions are reduced to rubble and how are they supposed to suck it up and resign to the fact thats nothing more than collateral damage and it serves a greater good and what could possibly give him any motivation to believe that its ok and after america. wins(wont happen) they will repair and compensate all iraqis for all the grief they caused them.there are only 2 ways america can win these wars..they have to have the general population welcome the americans as their liberators or the americans have shock the muslims into submission and of course they could do what the nazis or the ancient romans did by rounding up thousands of innocent women and children and publicly executing them in the presence of their parents,siblings,but america wont stand for its troops committing mass murder. so on closing the muslin world at present have no weapons they'll measure up the americans..trying to launch a war against america would be suicide

Dhushara: I agree with you about the US having a bad influence and there is of course the problem of Israel. And if you read Robert Fisk, he will tell you the whole corrupt 'fitna' goes back to the colonial days, which set up Iran and Syria and Iraq out of the Ottoman Empire.

And you can speculate that if these things hadn't happened, that the Arab world might still be more cosmopolitan, if corrupt.

But the whole picture is more complicated. Because Islam does have an active agenda of world conquest, one can't just attribute Muslim fundamentalism to the struggle of the oppressed.

And if we go back to Israel for a minute. Barak was prepared to negotiate in 2000 and went to Camp David but Arafat threw out the negotiations that had come from the Oslo peace accord.

Arafat had gone to a socialist conference in South Africa and made a famous speech in which he said the Oslo Peace accords were the Hudaybiyah of the Palestinians, or really of the end of days.

If you note from my previous response, about Hudaybiyah, this means he thought of the accords only as trick or treat peace to gain strategic advantage and Mossad certainly took this on board. And he was already training little boys to mount the second intifada which I have movies of training in "The Well" song video:

Then al-Qaeda, which had struck two African consulates and the Cole struck the Twin Towers.

Now this sourced out of Afghanistan, not Iraq, yet, partly as a result of not stopping in their tracks in the 1991 war over Kuwait, the US invented the link between al-Qaeda and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and invaded. But Afghanistan was a kind of just war. The Taliban were brutal and they were aligned with Bin Laden who had clearly attacked the US by proxy.

Now Afghanistan is still the toughest nut to crack and of course Iraq has been partly an issue over oil. But the irony is that Iraq has a Shiite majority and al-Qaeda is hard-line Sunni so partly the insurgency has been a genuine civil war between Sunni and Shiite in Iraq, which is why, despite all you have said, the Iraqi parliament is likely to endorse the US troops remaining there for another three years, and why the awakening councils have had some success with getting Iraqi Sunnis to reject al-Qaeda, even when it may cost them their lives.

Now we cast our eyes to the You Tube Iran Israel Apocalypse movie we started with and we have Iran's Shiite apocalypse moving towards nuclear armageddon, not because the Americans are Satan, nor because US chicks wear mini-skirts, but because the Iranian clerics, like the US survivalist Christians believe the end of days is nigh and the Mahdi will appear and everyone will convert to (Shiite) Islam.

This shows you the Islamic agenda is not just reactive upon the Great Satan but wants to out-trick the world into an effective pirate hijack.

The word 'takiya' means faking the peace until you are strong enough to beat the opposition. It is a specifically Shiite strategy to avoid being beaten by the orthodox Sunnis who oppressed and persecuted them, but it applies more deeply to Muhammad's trickery in conquering Mecca. Every time the Qur'an mentions sakina it is only a temporary peace to out-manoeuvre the kaffir.

So I take the position that we need to be vigilant. I have always opposed George Bush and indeed there is another YouTube video song in which I sing the jihad of the biosphere against George Bush whose lines anticipated the the people flying through the burning towers.

But I think we need to oppose Islamo-fascism too because that's what the monolith is. I believe the only way Western society can ensure it will stay free, given the Middle East oil focus is to develop renewable energy and have an active attitude of tough love and poetic justice towards the Muslim world that doesn't give way on any social issues, such as treatment of women, or forming isolated hard-line sub-cultures in the West.

This is where the French, Dutch, Danish and other governments are trying to come to terms with affirmative action towards keeping the standards of democracy, women's rights, freedom of expression, and civil liberties in our own societies and acting proactively to declare and protect these values.

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