Friday, October 23, 2009

Music as Edge of Chaos Complexity

All music is deemed to be 1/f , fleshy 'pink' noise, characteristic of chaos and edge-of chaos complexity. Pink noise also strikes the balance between the memory-less randomness of 'white' noise and the monotonous predictability of 'brown' and 'black'.

Central to my musical production is the presentation of the conscious moment as one of complex uncertainty at the edge of chaos. To achieve this, I produce digitally mastered multi-track live recordings (8 to 16 stereo levels deep), which combine lyrics calculated to unravel our treasured cultural, religious and sexual assumptions, with instrumental improvisations designed to reveal their cutting-edge-of-chaos complexity only after many listening episodes, as multiple 'avatars' of my own conscious uncertainty 'moving on the face of the waters' in response to the developing piece.

I use many different kinds of world string instrument, including Appalacian dulcimer and Vietnamese classical instruments illustrated below, as well as keyboards, flutes, bells and live percussion, Tui, Kokako, and our nemesis, the Piwakawaka in memory of Maui.

Instruments used include Appalacian duclimer and Vietnamese zither and chordphone.

Each track has a unique lyrical foundation, with outline notes on its genesis. For the full suite of Nino Songs and their lyrics and all my research and written works go to:

Verdant Unveiling:

Completed yesterday. For our survival we need to turn apocalyptic tumult into reflowering the tree of living diversity. The apocalypse, or unveiling, is not Armageddon, but our bridal unveiling, in sexual reunion, under the Tree of Life, which God desecrated out of his loneliness and jealousy.

Burning Season:

A love ballad, echoing the Amazon burning season, about a beautiful internet love affair that resulted in a journey together, traversing the wild shores of Aotearoa, but was to be only for a season, because we each had deep family roots in opposite poles of the planet. See also Tane and Kohiti Rose.


One of many celebrations of my ongoing long-term love affair with my partner Christine, sung giddily by both of us midverse. For more on our love songs Love, Overflowing, Uncertainty and Shadows of Your Mind and our written work, see Sexual Paradox.

Last Temptation:

A gnostic noir unraveling the crucifixion, in the first person of Jesus speaking as the twin brother of Judas, as in the Gospels of Thomas and Judas, and as the lover of Mary and Martha, as in many gnostic works, and Kazantzakis' book by the same name.

See also Hymn to the Epoch completed with singers and a lyrical violinist in Old Jerusalem, the gnostic Dialogue of the Savior sung with Christine in 96 minors spanning every key and Eyal Loz on didjeridoo, and Black Rose a beautiful ironical dialogue with a Zionist fundamentalist woman from Tsvat who thought I was the Thief in the Night stealing the Holy of Holies of the Torah, for claiming the Song of Songs was a Tantric love poem, with Christine providing the spikenard as the Shulamite bride.

Deja Vu:

A song on dreaming and non-ordinary reality and the quest for the existential bridge between subjective consciousness and the physical world, with Eyal Loz playing drums.


Irv said...

Those who dare to speak flippantly and sacrilegiously about God usually don't dare to openly express their love for the Satan they don't mind serving so well. I wonder what force is holding so many back. Irv

Dhushara said...

Responsibility to the diversity of life is no sacrilege to any genuine benefactor. You really need to come clean about who you serve, since you have not held back yourself.