Friday, October 16, 2009

The Song of the Tree

Maschiach as Tree of Life - Hannah Omer

Here is the
live mp3 of the Tree of Life song just produced - 17-10-09
Nino songs in mp3 and lyrics

Verdant Unveiling
(mp3 download)

You know that we have always been wandering
down to the moisture of the shore line
We seem to have walked forever on thin ice together
as if we're running out of time.

You know that I have always been loving you
since the very first moment I met you.
You know you're the apple blossom of my orchard
the land of milk and honey of my heart.

You know that I will always be hungering
for the enchantment of your longing,
lost in the music of your incandescence,
exiled in the rapture of our love.

We both know that the world has been turning
that wild storms are coming, that forests are burning,
that we might be heading towards a terrible shake out
and no one knows the writing on the wall.

We ran hand in hand through the midst of the garden,
lay under the trees of life.
Ate all the sweet fruit in a state of abandon,
without any trouble or strife.

Made passionate love in the glades in the sunshine,
and swam in the tall waterfalls.
We never once saw any signs of destruction
and no impenetrable walls.

But God came along all jealous and lonely
and cast us all out in the mire.
Drove a great flaming sword right into the gateway
and set half the world on fire.

We know that we have always been dreaming
the great unveiling is to come,
no longer seeing through a glass darkly,
knowing cheek to cheek we are one,

traveling companions in grateful compassion
mutual empathy, personal freedom
the right to say "No I will not believe you!
I'll make my mind up for myself".

We know that the dark word of doom is "apocalypse".
They say we are heading right for the precipice
that we will all have to face Armageddon
to be cleansed of our sins with pure fire,

but I say to you, we don't need conflagration
it was always the journey, not the destination,
the time has now come for the greening of Tierra
reflowering the tree of all life.

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