Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Murder Blues

Here's a link to a new song I've just produced as a dialogue in a betrayal between two close friends:

You can listen to and download all the Niño tracks and read the lyrics here.

Winter - Blue Murder
I saw you in the street today,
but you were standing so far away
and then you turned your back on me
and wouldn't look me in the eye.
You said "Do you know you that have betrayed me?"
I replied "You might consider that you've done the same!"
You insisted we can't stand in the same room together,
so who is it now to blame?
It's so true. Feeling blue.
In a stew. Out of skew.
What a screw! Shame on you!
Blame on you, murder blues!
In the winter, frozen all over,
skating on thin ice, sliding helter-skelter.
Is this a falling out, a casualty in motion,
or a static fixation, close to oblivion?
I've had it all, yes I've had enough,
of murder blues shame on you.
I hear you been whispering dark insinuations,
in intimate moments, venting your outrage,
all puffed up with your indignation,
clinging to the moral high ground.
Is this a cause you really can stand up for,
or has just it become a personal affliction?
In holding a grudge that you take to the graveyard,
nothing can ever be gained.
They say the whole country is frozen right over.
There's snow from the mountains down to the plains,
but where is the thaw in this frigid existence,
where the losses outweigh the gains?
If you can't bring yourself to accept your involvement,
in setting the scene, in casting the die,
how can you ever assume responsibility,
or heal the emotional lie?
You know we have always been fellow travelers,
comrades in adversity for so many years,
so why cant you see you are burning the bridges,
of our sensibility over your fears.
There is no one who cares about all of these problems,
they are angels dancing on the head of a pin.
There is nothing we need to unravel the tangle,
no reason for the state we are in.
So why can't you see that its time to move on now
time for forgiveness, time for rapprochement,
time to be living the good life together,
so that it all comes around.
As the nights grow long, I shall call upon
this elegy to you, Murder Blue.
As our life is sweet. As our time is fleet.
As our pain is real. Murder blue.
Is this where we all belong caught here in this endless song,
an anthem to you Murder Blue?
Shame on you, Same upon you!
A case of blue murder, screams the news!
Shame on you, Murder Blue! Same on you, Murder Blue!
We can cast our share of blame on Murder Blues.

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