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Prophesying NY and the Iran Israel Apocalypse

In July 2001 a friend I met in Jerusalem came to visit me to take the sacramental vigils with his partner, who is an Arab Israeli. We took the sacraments in a peninsula overlooking the islands of the gulf and later in the crater of a volcano.

After they left, I began to sing a radical song, The Song of the Biosphere, which somehow came out of our vigils together, turning the tables of Jihad from Holy religious War, which I abhor, to the rape of the planet and George Bush's refusal to act as a good steward, in terms of global warming and its impact on biodiversity. It is also produced as a YouTube video Jihad Song of the Biosphere.

You tell us tales of Hollywood,
of Star-wars and the common good
you told us global warming was a litany of lies
factory chimneys were the prize
you claim all living creatures are your intellectual property
you fail to ratify every treaty which doesn't give you more
have I heard this all before?
when it comes to the final struggle, jihad of the biosphere
there's only one true rogue nation, the great American shaitan
big brother, you are Uncle Sam.

At the same time it was the Gnostic awakening, in the midst of genocide, in the persona of an Icarus calling us to cross the Styx, but the words had instantaneously come true in manifest physical terms in the planes passing through the trembling towers, reflected also in the mentality of the act of violent martyrdom:

can we touch the sky?
can we fly so high
we'll pass right to the other side
and never fall in flames?
will we ever be the same again?

we'll become the living soul
the primal source the shining goal
the beginning and the end of life
the happiness and the pain
can we bear it all again?

The song was produced the same month and I posted an e-mail of the lyrics on 20th July 2001 where it still lies.

On 9-11, I sat watching live BBC coverage, when the two planes, one by one, flew into the trembling towers. Suddenly the words were becoming real, line by line, as the second 747 passed ‘right to the other side of the tower’, only to hideously ‘fall in flames’ piloted by Islamic martyrs believing they were becoming ‘living souls’ meeting the face of al-Llah. Individual lines began popping out of the TV set as the night wore on - the photographer’s “nothing will ever be the same again” as he looked up to see the plane hit directly above and Giuliani’s ”this will be more than we can bear”.

‘nothing will never be the same’ and ‘more than we can bear’

It was as if I had mythopoetically declared Holy War and it had come to pass through another agency, in a way I had never intended. The aftermath became an echo of other verses, the wreckage-filled smouldering canyons of downtown Manhattan, in words unknowingly addressed to Bin Laden:

if you take them away,
how can we find what we came for?
what can you say,
when it's all our future lives that you play for?
walking in the twilight,
down in the valley of shadows
when will you comprehend
the damage you have wrought ... in your indiscretion?
can we undo the death trance you have set in motion?

And the recovery process ...

will you discover
the fabric of love that ignites us?
can we embrace
the ocean of life that unites us?
all our lives long
this journey has been our destination
if we get this one wrong
will there be any chance for restoration?

Nevertheless the song was not a declaration of jihad, but rather the final struggle of biodiversity facing impending mass extinction which I had quite correctly drawn attention to in terms of the failure of the Bush administration to take a position of good guardianship of the biosphere in the name of capital gain, intellectual property rights, and the oil economy.

Having pronounced the jihad song of the biosphere and found it come to pass through another agency led to me singing the Song of Sakina, lamenting the repression of women under the Taleban and in Islam, as a penance for the whole concept of jihad as unholy violence and sharia applied to women. Again this was produced as the Sakina Lament YouTube video.

Sakina Lament

Oh al-Llah, did the prophet blaspheme you?
Why have they taken your name in oppression?
Are Ninety-nine names of a god of destruction
the merciful, compassionate All?

New York, New York, why did your sky fall?
Osama bin Laden is this inspiration
to bring a destruction, not on the guilty
but family, children and all?

Did you not understand that for life to abide
the love flower to blossom, the life tree to flourish
we all need healing, to feed all the hungry,
and not flaming genocide?

We know that the capital machine is corruption,
that the winners take all and the losers are trodden on.,
that this is not a true way of compassion,
not wholly civilized.

We know green pastures are crumbling to desert,
the waters of life and the tree are neglected,
that justice is blind in the power of the dollar,
as the towers of investment grow higher.

We know we can all become a great Satan,
embracing violence, instead of compassion,
when we think we are right, have God on our side
and set out to rule the whole world.

Do you
imagine that imposing Shariat
would make the world naturally compassionate?
Why can't you see that imposing on anyone
is contrary to divine law?

behead the Jews of Medina
when all that they did was to argue and bicker?
How can you claim Jerusalem is Holy
when the daughters of Sarah are defiled?

When the
peace of Sakina spoke at Hudaybiyah
she uttered to heal - to make the world holy
she sang as Shekhinah - from the canvas of Sarah
so we could at last become whole.

why did you then murder Sarah
on the first fateful day that you came into Mecca?
Why did you not heed the song of Sakina
the singers tongues cut from their mouths?

Oh Islam,
why crucify al Hallaj
just for declaring the truth - "ana al Haqq"?
Why can't you see there is no final prophet
in a living regenerating world?

Why did you make all your women wear burqah
just to
conceal the prophets many lovers?
Why is a woman
only half of the value
of man, possession or

Why can't you trust men to set eyes on women?
Why can't you allow all mothers and daughters
to make their own minds up quite freely
in the
unveiling the Quran prophesied?

Why was it
stated by al Bukhari
that the prophet Muhammad at one time lamented
that the world would never become complete
till the women of Daws wiggled free?

Why did you
curse al-Llah's triple daughters,
al-Uzza, Manat and and al-Lat first and foremost
from times long ago in the deserts of Sinai
the divine and wisdom, together forever?

Why did you
have to leave for Medina,
Why did Khadja expire from her hunger?
Why did you think that the angel Gabriel
would speak to you with
Satan's forked tongue?

Why did you put a death curse on freedom
why can't each person choose what they believe in?
Why threaten every believer with death
if they also love Mary, or Elizabeth?

Why do you not drink the
waters of Hagar
out of whose spring sprung the palm trees together,
why do you not feel the
pain of Aisha?
and the love of Fatimah?

When is the time come to light up the candles
of peace in Sakina of plenty together
so that all the world's paths can finally gather
whole in the gentleness of peace?

The time has now come for the flight of the dove
to bring back the olive, to unchain the grove,
to throw all the gates of mercy wide open
so that the world can be one.

The time has now come for us all to replenish
and cherish the Earth's generations forever
in the warmth of the heart that can never be broken
in the light of the love that is life.

My last evening’s sacramental vision gravitated towards the nuclear apocalypse of Iran and Israel. Isn’t it on everybody’s mind? But I’m worried that this is a case of fatal attraction, as a moth to the candle flame. The US doesn’t want another Iraq, so even GWB can’t yet bring himself to bomb Iran, but the Israeli’s consider they may have to, because Iran has sworn to wipe Israel (or the Zionist Satan) off the face of the map (Earth), so the US is potentially passing Israel a poisoned chalice through the dilemma of its own making in Iraq.

Even pragmatic Rafsanjani said in 2001:

'the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything.' On the other hand, if Israel responded with its own nuclear weapons, it 'will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.'

Now this is all tied up with the end-of-days. Iran’s current president Ahmadinejad made reference to the Mahdi in his first speech to the U.N., and both he and members of his group saw him bathed in a ‘green light of protection’:

"Oh mighty lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace."

As we also know he has denied the holocaust, said Europe or America should make a homeland for the Jews if they caused this 'crime', and said in so many words that Israel should be wiped off the map, claimed the Zionist state is a rotten tree, whose branches will fall, and declared that the countdown button to its destruction has been pressed.

The appearance of the Mahdi is intimately associated with the ‘second coming’. Jesus is supposed to reappear as a living man who becomes a Muslim convert at the Mahdi’s behest and leads the Christians to worship alongside the Mahdi in Mecca, thus giving Islam its final domination over the world in the end of days.

The Hebrew concept of the mashiach is also a human male whose illumination gives rise to an epoch of long-term future goodness. Jesus pushed the messianic persona into the apocalyptic dimension, of end-of-days conflict and has been turned into a Melkarth. We know Jesus will never return on a cloud in the living biophysical universe, so the Christian hope of a non-human messiah is doomed. However the Mahdi could emerge, because, in the Islamic tradition he is a human. Ahmadinejad considers himself the herald of this man. Moqtada Sadr called his own following the Mehdi Army. It’s only a matter of time before a charismatic ayatollah assumes the mantle.

It’s not just the nuclear issue in Iran that is at stake, but giving the world back its fecundity and fertility in relationship to paradise. Islam is the youngest and most adolescent of the paths of the book. It poses a significant risk of oppression and domination, not just to women, but to the world, because it has not evolved beyond the confines of its own sixth century tribal origins and clings to a monolithic idea of Quran, Sharia and Islamic state in diving the world between the domains of submission (Islam) and war, Dar al-Harb, in violation of the peace principle of Sakina or the Shekhinah - the feminine face of divinity - which Muhammad referred to in brokering the peace treaty of Hudaybiyah which was subsequently abrogated when he chose to march on Mecca.

American capitalist domination, aggression and nuclear trigger-happiness is also a very major threat to the planet, which is partly attributable to the Christian apocalyptic mentality and preparedness to invoke ultimate ascendance or a ‘rapture’ in one form or another, combined with an attitude of dominion over nature, common to the desert faiths. This end-game also needs to be tamed and healed, although it probably means the nemesis, or even demise, of Christianity as we know it.

In response to the prospect of this overall high noon, which we all want to avoid in favour of an apocalypse which is the unveiling of a bridal reunion, I have sung the Mahdi Refrain and produced it as a YouTube video Apocalypse Iran Israel. The lyrics use the words of Iran's Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad, Israel's Peres and my own response to this utopian apocalyptic dilemma, set to news footage of the corresponding international and news events.

The Mahdi Refrain

This said Ayatollah Rafsanjani
'the use of even one nuclear bomb
inside Israel will destroy everything.'
On the other hand, if Israel responded
with its own nuclear weapons,
it 'will only harm the Islamic world.
It is thus not at all irrational
to contemplate such an eventuality.'
This said president Amadinejad
"Oh mighty lord, I pray to you
to hasten the emergence of your last repository,
that perfect and pure human being,
the promised one that will fill this world with justice
the promised one that will fill the world with peace,"

My main mission is to "pave the path
for the glorious reappearance of Imam Mahdi,
may Allah hasten his reappearance."
On the last day I was speaking, one of our group told me
"When you said 'in the name of Allah,'
I saw a light coming and surrounding you
and protecting you to the end."
"he saw a green light come from around me,
and I was placed inside this aura,"
"I felt myself the atmosphere changing,
The UN were looking as if a hand was holding them,
and they had just opened their eyes
Halleleuyah Alhamdulillah!"
All praise belongs to al-Llah,

"The establishment of the Zionist regime
was a move by the world oppressor
against the Islamic world,"
"There is no doubt that the new wave [of attacks]
will wipe off this stigma from the face of the world."
As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map."
"Anybody who recognizes Israel
will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury,"
"They have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust
and consider it to be above God,
above religion and the prophets."
“The near future will be in the hands of Islam”,
"The Zionist regime is a dying tree,
and soon its branches will be broken down."

"We believe that Iran is trying to buy time …
so it can develop a nuclear bomb,"
"Iran is a clear and present danger."
A nightmare for the international community
This is "tantamount to a crime against humanity".
"Iran presents a danger to everyone"
and it can also be wiped off the map."
"The combination of fanatical ideology,
a warped sense of reality and nuclear weapons
is a combination that no one can accept,"
"Ahmadinejad represents Satan, not God,"
"History knew how to denounce madmen
those who wave their sword and acted this way
ended their careers accordingly,"

If they have a little bit of a brain,
they would not commit such a mistake,"
Iran is a powerful country."
"If you committed this big crime,
then give a part of your own land in Europe,
the United States, Canada or Alaska to them,
so that the Jews can establish their country,"
"If your civilization consists of aggression,
making oppressed people homeless,
suffocating the voices of justice
we say that we hate your hollow civilization,"
“History has shown that when Muslims become powerful,
they do not use their power to the detriment of others,
but use it in the service of peace and tranquility”

Islam has four times as many young men of fighting age
as the aging populations of the decadent crumbling West
the Imam's return will coincide with an apocalyptic battle
between the forces of evil and righteousness.
If the infidel loses its nuclear advantage,
it could be worn down in a war of attrition
at the end of which surrender to Islam
would appear the least bad of options.
And that could be a signal for the Imam to appear.
"If Jesus were present in the world today,
who would be facing him and who would be following him?"
God willing, Jesus would return to the world
along with Islam's holy prophet, Imam Mahdi,
and wipe away every tinge of oppression,
pain and agony from the face of the world,"

They say the Mahdi will teach Jesus to pray in Mecca
They claim the Mahdi will take Jesus to the Ka’aba,
"I emphatically declare today's world, more than ever,
longs for just and righteous folk with love for all humanity;
and above all longs for the perfect human being
the real true savior who has been promised to all peoples
who will establish justice, peace and brotherhood
across the planet, far and wide"
"Oh, Almighty God, all men and women are your creatures
and you have ordained their guidance and salvation.
Bestow upon a humanity that thirsts for justice,
the perfect human being promised to all by you,
and make us among his followers
and among those who strive for his return and his cause."

"The arrogant superpowers and the Zionist regime
invested all their efforts but their pride has been trampled
"With God's help now, the countdown button
for the destruction of the Zionist regime
has been pushed by the hands of the children
of Lebanon and Palestine, ...
By God's will, we will witness
the destruction of this regime in the near future".
"This is a fake regime ... it won't be able to survive.
those who created it can take it away themselves.
They should not let things reach the point of explosion
If an explosion occurs across international boundaries
It will also burn all those who created [Israel]
over the past sixty years".

A statement repeated three times is never an accident
"They want to wipe out Israel ... Now when it comes to destruction,
Iran too can be destroyed
[but] I don't suggest to say an eye for an eye,"

"Israel would defend itself under any condition
but Iran is a danger to the world, not just to us."
"Under the UN Charter, all members have undertaken
to refrain from the threat or use of force
against the territorial integrity
or political independence of any state."
"We can prevent all of this threat,
without resorting to weapons of mass destruction
if there will be unity," But If the crucial moment comes
and they are incapable ...then they endanger their existence

If you want me to come and pray with you at the Ka’aba
Then first renounce the archaic tribal law of Sharia
Invite every one of us to come in the name of our own religion
And terminate the scorched Earth theology of submission.
There will never be harmony until we can live in freedom
From domination and violence, in the name of utopian vision.
Cease the atrocities of martyrdom and the slaughter of the innocents
And live your days in merciful and compassionate coexistence
The apocalypse is the unveiling of matrimonial reunion
in which men forsake their violence and learn to live with women.
Stop the the death fatwas, and stoning women for adultery
and trust them in their sovereignty and love them in their liberty
For this is the way the generations of Earth will survive in splendour
And bring to men the ecstasy that paradise hungers after.

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