Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Delphic Oracle Sings a Lullaby

Here is the mp3 link to my latest musical production Sleepwalkers Awakening about enlightenment, immortality, genocide and the restoration.  Hence it's truly a Delphic Oracle song ...

I've been sitting here thinking that the world is turning,
round and round, spinning threads, shifting sands, drifting in the wind
day after day goes by, nights come rolling round in slumber
dreaming of the inevitable time of awakening,
forgetting in our illusions, the times that are hurtling by.
Caught in the miasma, it's hard to take a breath of air
to find the inspiration to step off the merry go round.

But what is the hidden lesson that the wheel of birth and death can teach us?
What is the meaning and purpose of this all-too-giddy plight,
running helter-skelter from one carousel to another,
pretending that the bright lights are the key to immortal life,
loving like there's no tomorrow, and never an end in sight?
Can we catch our breath and be, even for a moment,
to see if we can see the future forming before our eyes? 

We have been treading an endless road together,
travelers on a journey from end to end of time
Is there some kind of secret door we can exit the hall of mirrors
and find our way in the wilderness beyond the trackless wastes of time,
hearing the silences between the sounds, perceiving beyond appearances,
falling into eternity, existing in the very instant,
full complete and abundant, radiating the light of life.

We know we are creatures of flesh and blood, of biological origins
evolving sexual beings, of sensual experience,
living in a living world, with every kind of organism,
species coexisting in the tangled web of generation,
creatures of the grasslands, the forests, the wetlands and seas.
This is a lament, for so many facing extinction,
in a crime against humanity, that is a genocide of life.

Can we find the resolve, to safeguard the living planet
as guardians of the diversity, upon which we all depend?
Can we look beyond our self-absorbing visions 
of domination, of conquest, of ascendency and war?
Can we embrace the spirit of love that brings together one and all?
This is a song of hope, in the face of catastrophe
a tricky little lullaby to calm the waters of strife.

We each come from the perennial web, unbroken since the dawn of time,
in which every generation has given life to the next.
Can we find the courage, to reflower reality,
to open up the floodgates, to the epoch of paradise?
In a time of so much promise, of cosmological discovery,
the very last thing our generations need is a planetary mass demise.

So let's just do the one very good thing for the sanctity of life.

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