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The Core of Symbiotic Existential Cosmology

Saving the Diversity of Life from Mass Extinction

The central purpose of symbiotic existential cosmology is not just to reveal the cosmology of the universe in which we consciously exist, but to save the diversity of life on Earth from a human-induced mass extinction (Leakey & Lewin 1995, Kolbert 2014, Dawson 2016). It sets out a cosmology which shows humanity that our central and sacred purpose in existence is protecting and unfolding the diversity of conscious life.

The Conscious Universe 

Symbiotic Existential Cosmology transcends both materialism and theism because it complements quantum cosmology with conscious volition. It has three core cosmological principles, biogenic, panpsychic and symbiotic. Life exists in the universe because the laws of nature arising from cosmic symmetry-breaking are fractal, giving rise to living systems as an interactive climax. It is consistent with empirical neuroscience but says that subjectively conscious physical volition is real, and this implies some matter – our brains – have physically efficacious subjectivity and hence all matter, because brains obey the same laws and forces as other normal matter. Primitive subjectivity thus occurs in quanta and butterfly effect systems which amplify quanta, like storms, and in bacteria and archaea. But a discrete emergent transition occurs with the eucaryote endosymbiosis between archaea and bacteria, with the sequestering of respiration in the mitochondria freeing up the cell membrane for excitable sentience and social signalling, when consciousness arises in the first single-celled amoebo-flagellates, forming societies communicating by neurotransmitter molecules such as serotonin. This evolved into our conscious brains as societies of 1010 tightly coupled amoeboid cells communicating by the same processes. 

The inclusion of subjectivity opens up the spectres of panpsychism, animism and the spiritual/religious impulse in the physical universe, because these are all cosmological views, in which conscious volition is fundamental. But life is symbiotic, because natural selection occurs in the biosphere and all species depend on it for survival, so it’s a case of survival of the fittest biospheric symbionts, not species dominance. Instead of going to hell in a basket towards a human extinction, as we are now as a dominant species violating biospheric symbiosis, by regaining symbiosis over evolutionary time scales, humanity ends up inheriting its true cosmological meaning and purpose to protect life immortal, to ensure our own evolutionary survival, regaining the perennially immortal future of our 3.5 billion year tenure in the universe. 

This is the Weltanshauung of Immortality, which flips the Copernican principle of science, because the privileged view of the universe is conscious life in paradise on the cosmic equator in space-time, not the Sun-centred cosmos. But it also flips religion inside out because the sacred purpose of existence is to protect the diversity of life throughout our generations forever, so that conscious life can flower to the point where the universe becomes fully conscious of its own existence through the living biota that form its interactive climax.

Humanity and the Biosphere

Humans evolved to be an environmentally destructive dominant species, because of our evolving Machiavellian social intelligence, after a long period of increasingly rich evolution to climax diversity following the Tertiary-Cretaceous extinction. This shaped our minds to be strongly egotistical to succeed against one-another. In the gatherer-hunter phase, this tendency was moderated by two factors: (1) the mating mind – astute female reproductive choice for smart resourceful entertaining and protective males who can do good sex to demonstrate genuine indicators of fitness and sensitivity and (2) original virtue  – the evolution of verifiable trust through long-term personal judgment of good character. However, with the growth of large urban societies,  this became overthrown by the imposition of patriarchal domination of woman and nature. Humanity is thus still a dominant species wrecking the biosphere through egotistical tragedy of the commons. Moreover gene-culture coevolution, with the emergence of language, religion, commerce and science hasn't resolved this, because cultural evolution is even more rapid than genetic evolution and has produced no stabilising factors. Only a cosmology in which gene-culture-biosphere co-evolution is embraced can resolve this.

Enter the biospheric response. The same climax period gave rise to plant and fungal species 'salting' the Earth with variants of neurotransmitter molecules which tweak key pathways modulating human mood and survival. In particular, the serotonin analogues called psychedelics – “psyche-revealing”  – paradoxically cause (1) a sensory flood, in which the brain begins to develop an internal model of its own processing and (2) quantum change experiences in which the default mode goes silent, resulting in ego loss and the experience of either God or "ultimate reality", leading to alleviation of mortal angst in terminal illness and a deep sense of integration with life and nature in the healthy. Hence these are critical to planetary survival, along with other forms of nature meditation and conservation activism.


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A World Warning

Populism, Tribalism and the Future of Planet Earth

We are entering a new phase of danger for the future of life on planet Earth, which could result in a very hard landing and possibly wipe out the human race unless we recognise the sources of the problem and arrest the creeping drift towards annihilation.

There have been many previous danger points, not least the nuclear arms race and threat of mutually-assured destruction, which is still with us, although we have lived with it so long that we have become complacent. We have also witnessed utopian aims of world conquest by military power and by modern social movements, from fascism to communism, and from the equally utopian aims of world religions which see their world dominance as God's destiny, ordained by the violent means of "holy war". We have also witnessed the stratagems and deceits of world leaders vying for power over both their own peoples and the states around them, with whom they interact and interdepend.

The current crisis arises from a new breed of confrontational populism, based on an archaic form of tribalism which takes us back to the Neolithic era of clan overlords seeking only what benefits them and their following, at the expense and exploitation of both humanity as a whole and the living world around us. Human societies have grown from gatherer-hunter bands, through founding tribal allegiances, to militarised states vying for power and dominance. These societies and social patterns emerged when we still thought the Earth was flat and its resources were unlimited or ordained by God and we had no idea that we were contained in a closing planetary circle in which we depend as species on the robustness and diversity of life for our food, for the atmosphere we breathe and for the largely beneficial climate in which we coexist. We cannot afford to sink back into reliance on these archaic notions of leadership and jingoism when our impact on the planet is threatening our own long-term survival.

Both fundamentalist religious agendas and the deceptions of populist strongmen are archaic notions that hobble us from a responsible stewardship of the planet that can ensure the survival of the future generations. We cannot afford to sink back into the mire of history with no foresight for the central issue of the survival of life as a whole.

Democracy was, with some irony, extolled by Winston Churchill as the least toxic of an unsatisfactory bad bunch of totalitarian systems: "Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…"

But democracy itself suffers from tragic flaws in its current design. Its Achilles heel is tyranny of the majority, which becomes mutual annihilation in its "hunger games" form in first past the post. Compromising structures such as the US presidential electoral college can even result in the exclusive election of a leader who only holds a strategic minority of the vote, turning the very principle of the popular vote on its head. While these features can be mitigated by forms of proportional representation such as MMP, these too, while having a more inclusive and representative composition, are still prone to backroom deals which can undermine their legitimacy, albeit to a lesser degree than first past the post, which inherently leads to tyranny of the majority through outright one-party control. Gerrymandering and manipulation of the vote is also part and parcel of the adversarial system many democracies become. In some countries the judiciary is politically appointed, as in the US Supreme Court, meaning that justice is held hostage to political interests.

Into this mix comes the toxic agency of populism, a form of abuse of the democratic principle founded on monopolising a divisive sector of society, to instigate a confrontational dominance of one sector over other sectors, which in a diverse society could and should all coexist to mutual benefit and respect. Populism itself can come from valid causes, which induce natural tensions, but these can and are being shamelessly exploited by populist leaders, from Donald Trump on down through an increasing number in Europe. Other strongmen, from Putin in Russia to Xi in China and now Erdogan in Turkey, hold effective one-man control over vast populations, either through corrupted democracies driven by KGB insiders, all-encompassing social propaganda sustained through the great firewall of China, or the politics of coup suppression and media incarceration in Turkey.

It is imperative that the Western tradition of democratic freedom of the people does not become eroded in a disintegrating war of attrition by unilateral trade tariffs and lack of strategic unity, accompanying the divisive and gerrymandered elections in the US, the UK Brexit referendum, and some populist elections in Europe and Turkey, manifestly corrupted by manipulation, both by external powers, and agencies such as Cambridge Analytica, to subvert the democratic will. In all honesty, both the last US presidential election and the Brexit referendum should have been promptly annulled by a second popular vote, recognising the fraudulent nature of the vote, given the intentional subversion of public opinion through social media, hacking and other means.

Migration has become a populist cause in both Europe and the US.  There are good reasons why existing populations can feel threatened by large scale migration as a result of war or economic disadvantage, particularly when the migrants hold strong religious beliefs that invoke the utopian aim of world domination and insist on resistance to, rather than acceptance of, the existing culture into which they enter. But the way populist leaders have exploited these concerns is degenerating into a tribalism that throws the world back to the Neolithic at a time when there is an ever-increasing need to heal the world, as a closing circle, in which we all coexist, and protect its biosphere and living species from a mass extinction, which will also threaten the survival of humanity as a species.

This new phase of danger threatens every attempt we can make to deal with the long-term issues of survival within the closed circle of a single common planetary home. Whatever our point of view, whether religious or secular, conservative or liberal, our ability to have any kind of future for ourselves, let alone our offspring and the generations to come is to preserve the sanctity and viability of life on Earth. To do this we have to preserve the climate, habitats and biosphere of the planet in a resilient and viable condition, not let them fail together due to myopic throwback tweets emanating from a Neolithic strongman view of self-motivated supremacy of one group over another.

A signal warning manifestation of this crisis, was the announcement by the "real" Donald Trump that he was pulling the US out of the Paris climate accord in the midst of a rash of appointments of climate deniers, stoking the coal fires of an outmoded maximally-polluting energy source, almost as soon as he was inaugurated. This bald-faced travesty of global responsibility needs to be reversed forthwith, but the issue has deeper underlying causes that mean that Trump is just one manifestation of a serious crisis of confidence about our ability to act as responsible stewards and guardians of the planet for the generations of life to come.

Churchill further said: "If I had to sum up the immediate future of democratic politics in a single word I should say "insurance." That is the future-insurance against dangers from abroad, insurance against dangers scarcely less grave and much more near and constant which threaten us here at home in our own island."

It is thus the dangers of the future which democracy serves to protect us from and particularly those from outside that could become irreversible tipping points and threaten us in the very places we exist. Of all of these threats, the greatest and most troubling is the dire risk to the future of the human race in the closing planetary circle coming to a hard landing, if the leaders of the world continue to pursue self-serving tribalist agendas that drag us back to the earliest days of Neolithic supremacy amid trade, diplomatic or military warfare, driven by clan strongmen who deceive their own people into divisive and confrontational fragmentation, with the short-sighted aim of dominance and superiority.

We now have ultimate powers to damage the planet and to destroy ourselves, through nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction. Our impact on the planet, its habitats and climate is a serious global threat to the survival of the diversity of life, not just the human species. We have also become a highly technological world society, whose energy demands and power to alter the face of the Earth dwarf those of the Neolithic age, so we cannot afford to allow archaic fantasies of domination to destroy our living planetary future.

So be warned and ponder this carefully. The sleep walkers who cannot see beyond their own short-term horizons cannot survive in a closing circle and they cannot be left to bring the whole world down around us in a crisis of our own making, driven by our own inability to see the impacts we are causing to our detriment and our capacity identify the issues which really matter for our long-term survival and the prosperity of the future generations to come.

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Resplendence: A Paradigm beyond Religion to Reparadise the Earth

 Okavango Delta. One of Africa's richest biodiversity hotspots.

A Paradigm beyond Religion to Reparadise the Earth
Chris King

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A new domain to further an utterly innovative idea.

Resplendence means many things. We usually think of it as a glorious state of natural splendour, but its root meaning re-splendere is to "shine brightly" or "shine again". It is thus both the full overflowing abundance of paradise, and as a global consciousness, it is the light of the world. But it has a deeper meaning, as the true immortal condition of humanity and is hence the natural paradigm successor to religion.

Resplendence is both an attitude of mind and a social dynamic attuned to bringing Earth back to a state of resplendent paradise, sustainable and resilient over evolutionary time scales, to ensure our own survival and the survival of the diversity of life.

Instead of leading to the physically unrealizable imaginary scenarios of religions, such as heaven and hell in the Day of Judgment, resplendence leads to a single real and positively resplendent outcome - the reparadising of Earth in natural abundance, through a democratic culture empowered by climax technology, medicine and science and based on the principles of ecosystemic diversity.

Resplendence complements the knowledge provided by science with the wisdom of what to do about it, in the same way religion has sought to complement practical knowledge in human history. Science deals with the pursuit of the knowledge of how nature and the universe work, while the wisdom of resplendence deals with what we creatively do with this knowledge, in reflowering paradise - the ultimate manifestation of wisdom in action.

We all want to find meaning in life and want it to have a meaning that extends beyond our own lifetime. We also want the security that we are living in a world that has a viable future for our offspring and the future generations. The critical source of our angst that many of us turn to religion to alleviate, is that we are living in a world which is not only teeming with injustice, violent conflicts and weapons of mass destruction, but is lurching towards an uncertain future as a result of human impacts on the world's living habitats, climate and resources which could take us to an irreversible tipping point, undermining the future of unborn generations.

These are problems we need to deal with and heal in this life to have a sense of fulfillment, not just pass them on to future generations to worry about, or to an imagined afterlife full of even more graphic tortures and punishments. The only meaningful contribution we can make to the future is through our offspring, our contributions to understanding in culture and society, in the humanities, science, art and music, through innovations we bring to society which produce lasting benefit and through actually protecting the living planet through our actions to guard the diversity of life.

Nothing else - no selfish, expedient, greedy or jealous motive, or action - can serve to give anything more than a futile and temporary distraction from the central goal of creative integration with the immortal flow of life around us. Redemption comes through coherence and integration with paradise pure and simple. And paradise is a realizable condition, if we only put our collective resources and inspiration to work to achieve it.

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The Tao of the Tree of Life

Paradise Found David Miller

Cosmological Science, Psychedelic Christianity and Sexy Greenpeace Buddhism

The Problem:

Every person on the planet shares a desire to see the world continue and flourish, so that there will be a habitable world for our offspring, for the future generations of humanity and for the diversity of life to continue. We also want to see a world without war and one in which justice prevails for the rich and poor alike. Even highly religious people, except for those pursuing martyrdom, often for violent ends, and a few fundamentalist rapture seekers, want to see a world in which their children and other people can survive.

The trouble is that, while we want to have a sustainable world, achieving it seems to always be beyond the horizons of economic and political realities. Economic realities keep up the pressure on for short-term thinking and political realities are contaminated by vested interests in the business world who deny the damage done to the climate and biosphere by human impact for their own self-interests, despite the obvious mounting scientific evidence that human impact is causing increasing, and possibly irreversible, detrimental change to our future.

Worse still, the world's religions, despite some very good words from a few religious leaders, including the current Pope, are more devoted to ascendency and internecine apocalyptic warfare combined with utopian visions than actual care of the planet. The two major religions Islam and Christianity both promote unrestrained population growth and have ingrained agendas to control female reproduction. One only needs to make a rough assessment of how little financing of environmental projects comes from the major religions to see the actual thrust of their activity.

The large numbers of people who would like to contribute personally to protecting the planet and its future, face an uphill battle  because, in the absence of a society-wide ethic to actually cherish and replenish the Earth, effort remains confined to protest groups such as Greenpeace and sporadic government action such as creating nature reserves. Thus investment in saving the planet is like throwing money over your shoulder in a cold shower, because one can put time and effort and money into it until one becomes destitute and depleted, while the problem still grows larger, leading to a tragedy of the commons from the failure of people to act together with a coherent common sense of purpose ,while others exploit it for gain.

The Solution:

Is there a way out of this dilemma? Yes there is! Lets simply extract the two key ideas that convey the two most world-transforming insights from major world religions:

The first is the key insight of the monotheistic tradition with subdue amended to cherish: To cherish and replenish the living planet and its diversity throughout the generations of life.

The second is the mahayana of the Buddhist and Vedantic traditions: To facilitate the enlightenment of all sentient beings.


1. I vouchsafe to cherish and replenish the living planet and its diversity throughout the generations of life.
2. I vouchsafe to facilitate the enlightenment of all sentient beings.

These two are sufficient to bring about a common sense of purpose, both to protect and sustain the planet, and to enable all people to reach a deeper state of understanding of the universe in which they live. They are thus good cosmological science and consistent with the scientific pursuit of knowledge unhindered by beliefs and assumptions. Affirmative belief is not essential to religious meaning. In Judaism, the virtue of keeping the covenantal traditions and in Buddhism observing the dharma, or way, - i.e. actions - are what is critical to bring the blessed condition into being.

The Sanctity of Nature:

The covenant to cherish and replenish the Earth is a commitment to preserve and restore the bountiful diversity of nature planet-wide. It is the key that unites the latent energy of people across the whole face of the globe to have the confidence and energy to realize we can together, without pain or privation, actually achieve the perpetual sustenance of the Planet in the immortal passage of the generations of life. This brings with it an immeasurable sense of relief from the anxiety that we are living in an insecure world of conflict and degeneration, where the very meaning in existence is occluded, and our futures, and the future of the whole world remain in an unacceptable degree of doubt.

By drawing people together with the clear and simple purpose of sustaining the immortality of life, the covenant to cherish and replenish can potentially unite the energy of the entire planet's population around the central activity for which the human species has inherited the Earth to perform. We thus become the guardians of the perpetual diversity of life and find our place in nature not to subdue and have dominion over it, but to act as verdant guardians of a perpetual paradise in the universe at large.


By facilitating the enlightenment of all sentient beings, we are also accepting the scientific pursuit of knowledge of the natural universe and the spirit of skeptical inquiry, where we test our assumptions against the oracle of nature, rather than imposing our preconceived beliefs. Enlightenment can have no meaning if it is simply a spiritual conviction or vision in the absence of affirmation from the nature of the world around us. We need both the knowledge and the wisdom to fulfill the engagement.

Thus the quest for enlightenment is both the scientific quest to understand the universe and the sentient vision quest to understand the very foundations of conscious experience of all kinds: waking, dreaming, mystical and visionary. The emergence of conscious sentient beings is a natural cosmological process forming the most complex complete interactive manifestation of the fundamental forces of nature emerging from the cosmic origin. It is thus a cosmological sigma point and the quest for conscious enlightenment is also cosmological.

Sacred Sexuality:

At the same time, accepting the sacredness of sex as the foundation of the passage of the generations of life, from which we all come transforms religions of renunciation such as most of Buddhism, the implicit sexual guilt of Christianity from Eve's 'transgression', and the explicit sexual oppression of Islam, through lethal penalties for adultery, enforced veiling and sequestering and seclusion of women into traditions celebrating in the mutual ecstasy and joy of sexual union and the full abundance of the flow of life, rather than the negation and control of it. Sacred sex has long been central to the Vedantic tradition and is one of the highest rites of illumination in Tibetan Buddhism as well.

Sex is a central part of social bonding key to deep human relationships and the stability of family life and is not just for reproduction, but sacred sex transcends social sex as the deepest celebration of the fertility principle between woman and man.  The sacredness of sex also implies mutual respect between men and women and the right of women to reproductive choice, not to be controlled by men or patriarchal religious dictates, because they the bearers of the principal responsibility for parental commitment in pregnancy, a sometimes perilous delivery, lactation and long-term child care. The passage of the living generations comes through sex, so it must needs command the uttermost sacred respect as the holy grail of life itself.

Sacramental Mysticism:

Complementing the meditative and contemplative traditions, the use of the visionary power plants and fungi as sacraments, which are already incorporated into religious traditions in the Americas, including an ongoing Christian movements, which identify them as holy sacraments, provide a democratic avenue to the mystical experiences that are the foundation of religious illumination - forming the psychedelic face of a new Christianity, thus healing the Eucharist which is otherwise a decadent empty sacramental religion celebrating in its central rite the consumption of human flesh and blood in remembrance of a homicidal sacrificial death two millennia ago.

Psychedelics are not dangerous drugs  and have been shown in recent experiments using mature people who are not drug takers that they can provide genuine spiritual experiences which have lasting benefits months and years later. The core of religious experience is mystical experience, so a genuine sacrament to replace the empty sacrament of the Eucharist is a pivotal step in making Christianity a real sacramental religion with the integrity to protect the Earth and one in which every person can share in the spiritual vision, rather than having to stoop to the conformity of unquestioning doctrines and a dominant hierarchy of the priesthood for instruction.


At its most universal, the way, or Tao of the Tree of Life would involve just these two points as a simple all-embracing covenant, leaving everyone free to express this in an endless variety of creative ways in both acts of restoration and celebration of life.

This evokes a path of true compassion and a human movement of empowerment, which can celebrate its existence in diverse rites of passage, from birth, partnership and death, to the fertility of the seasons, and the agape of creative musical and artistic performance. Just as people across the planet love to party and experience life to the full, the path provides the zest of life with the added sense of meaning and fulfillment and joy of living which actually bringing our energy and activity to its natural fruition brings forth in overflowing abundance.

One can think of the Tao of the Tree of Life as an integration of cosmological science, psychedelic Christianity and sexy Greenpeace Buddhism, taking the best out of each, but really it is the foundation of all spirituality. It is the common thread of sentient survival and the science of nature and cosmology because it is rooted in the realities of the natural universe discovered by the scientific pursuit of knowledge.

This Tree of Life is not just the Biblical notion of a tree in Eden hidden since the foundation of the world but is the tree of evolution of the diversity of life as it has emerged and flourished on the planet over geological time scales.

In a metaphysical way, this brings the two trees in Eden of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life together into one. Knowledge only gains the capacity and temptation for evil when it becomes divorced from our primary goal in life, which is to sustain the passage of life itself. Once this integration with our life meaning and purpose occurs evil fades away as simply a form of ignorance of the whole picture.

This is a covenant, which religious and non-religious people alike can accept and fulfill together, because its foundation lies in the very truth of the nature of existence. It can thus have a wider basis for collective action than traditional religions, which are fragmented into competing factions each vying with one another as the one 'true' way. By becoming a common affirmation of a wider section of society it would actually become possible for collective action to restore the living planet to become globally effective as well as applying ethical influence to government and business decision-making.

Unveiling Apocalypse: Reflowering the tree of Life

Reflowering Apocalypse in the Tree of Life
Chris King
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Two views of planetary apocalypse, the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba and Amazon deforestation by fire.
The world is still in a state of 15 times nuclear overkill and habitat destruction goes on unabated.

1.           The Dilemma and Healing of Apocalypse
2.           Planetary Apocalypse Now
3.           The Deeper Origins of Apocalypse
5.           Paradoxes of Parousia
14.        References

The Dilemma and Healing of Apocalypse

This work is a "Rosetta Stone", to unveil the entire phenomenon of apocalypse, so we can finally come to terms with it, in a reckoning that includes both the tortured religious history and the complex cosmological and biological science our world-view now encompasses. Although it is daunting in its complexity, it has an outcome that is so world-transforming towards resplendent paradise on Earth, that there is no other work in existence that can have such bounteous potential. The reader needs to have patience and persistence to seek to unfold its full ramifications, for it is the Resplendence Codex, reflowering the immortal Tree of Life.

We are living in a world in which human impact on the living habitats and climate of the planet on a vast scale is becoming ever more severe, taking us towards a tipping point that could both threaten our long-term survival as a species and will certainly cause a mass extinction of the diversity of life. At the same time as the covers have well and truly been thrown off reality by the scientific and technological revolution that is sweeping the planet, religious forces with an avowed agenda of world domination are fomenting violence in the name of the one true God. In the name of Islam, believers are committing genocide, mass beheadings, sexual slavery and other inhuman actions, taking us right back to the tribal law of the seventh century, while innocent people are being blown apart by Islamic 'martyrs' in the vain hope of seeing the face of al-Llah in paradise, with 72 black-eyed virgins at one's beck and call. In the Christian sphere, in slavish adherence to the Sabbatical Creation, people continue to deny the natural evolution of life in anticipation of a "late planet Earth" rapture in the heavens. Amid this turmoil, we still have the insecurity of enough nuclear weapons of mass destruction to devastate the planet, should they become unleashed.

Whether we are religious and believe in a day of judgment, or are simply people trying to look to a sustainable world, where our offspring and those of society around us can have the confidence to survive, we have to acknowledge that we are living in a very troubled world, where the future remains uncertain and where potential violence and tumult burgeon. We thus need urgently to come to terms with why we are living in this state, in a world which would otherwise be capable of sustaining a perpetual paradise, how we got ourselves into this dire situation, and how to find the way through to a soft-landing outcome that does protect the generations of life from the tumultuous threats that humanity has wrought upon the world.

The word apocalypse is both a beacon and a plague to the human consciousness. It is our destination in the final awakening in the end of days and it is the feverish fantasy that leads countless people to commit violence and genocide in the name of the rule of God, from the Muslim Caliphate to the Heavenly Jerusalem, with the Jewish Mashiach, the Parousia of the Second Coming of Christ and the Mahdi of the Shi'ities playing the role of healing, or avenging, hero in the piece. We can love it and hate it. We can try to ignore it, but it keeps creeping up on us as a fascinating and terrifying vision, no matter how much, in the interests of common sense, protecting the sanctity of life, we try to set it aside, so here is a key unraveling to come to terms with it, to understand its roots in our existential condition and how we can turn the tide of misfortune and the tumult of genocide into a new epoch of paradise under the banner of the Tree of Life - hidden since the foundation of the world.

Thursday, October 1, 2015



I am resurrected! I have ascended!
I am transfigured, I am redeemed sufficient unto the day thereof,
to bring some consolation to a very troubled world.
Jesus, you are tired - please just come down from that cross.
It's time for an end to all the blood, to the death, the guilt and remorse.
I am a phoenix from the ashes. A new man of the Morning Star,
A feathery serpent of two ways now, the Lord of both dark and light.

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
Life has given me another day, living here on a borrowed fate,t
o do the things that were left undone, before it's all just too late,
Freed from the past, hurtling into an uncertain future,
on a mission of salvation, to give back what we owe.
For all the glory of this life, for all its pain and agony,
let's make this world a better place, where we can all find sanctuary

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
I was clutched into the jaws of death, but the old grim reaper spat me out,
so I have the chance to run another round, and discover what its all about.
I am here to love the world all over, and help turn crisis into survival,
for all the living creatures who scuttle upon this Earth,
for all the finny fishes, for the forests and their dappled trees,
for the birds that fly up in the sky, and human beings like you and me.

I am resurrected! I have ascended!
We are here to make the world anew in an all-too fleeting existence,
suspended between birth and annihilation, suffering and strife.
Not just in the halls of the rich and famous, and the corridors of power,
but those clinging on to life in the ghettos, and the refugees of war.
The only way we can find redemption, is to give our very heart and soul,
to the flowering of the living planet, our golden shining love-bird goal.


This is the hour of Resurrection! It is the time of Ascension! It is our Transfiguration!
It is our very own true Redemption! It is our Salvation!
This is our consummating Unveiling! It is our Revelation!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Chris King Genotype 0.0.1 Aug 2015


Virtually all of the serious global problems facing the planet, from climate change, through habitat destruction to use of energy and natural resources, the ability to feed and care for a rising future population and our future viability, are long-term issues with time spans varying from decades to centuries, millennia and even millions of years. While addressing world poverty and resource equitability could take decades to achieve, even with the best of will, climate change will cause rising ocean levels and desertification that are likely to continue to reduce viable land areas for a thousand years to come. Loss of species diversity will bring a detriment to our planetary genetic resources on a time scale since the last mass extinction of around 65 million years. Many of these losses will never be recovered.

How has this situation come about? Is it a function of the failure of human intelligence to deal with completely understandable issues in the mass, or is it a product of something deeper to do with how cultures have emerged out of an evolutionary paradigm, which until recently maintained long-term stability through generation-by-generation conservation of social patterns modulated only by gradual changes at the genetic level through mutation and natural selection over many generations.

The article provides an in depth investigation of the causes and solutions.