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Another very sexy song ...
The first final cut of my latest single.
Samsara in mp3 - Lyrics and other tracks

It's an antidote ...
fertility unraveling 'divinity'
and all the hubris that comes with it.

There is an important issue here. Religions have a very distorted view of sexuality, which is actually the biological process through which we became sentient beings. Sexual beings which are not parthenogenetic are mortal, so sex is also linked to individual mortality, amid the diverse variety of individuals and life forms that make nature, society and individuality possible.

Muslim paradise is said to be full of black eyed virgins, seventy-two for each man remade virginal anew every morning.  This is clearly a distorted fantasy based on paradise fulfilling male sexual obsession rather than the recombinational diversity of life and the passage of the generations. Where the good believing Muslim wives of a man, one or many, fit into this picture is marginal at best.

Likewise Christian heaven is full of ostensibly male angels, who have no sex because they are now supposed to be eternal beings who don't need sex. Where the women in heaven figure has never been clarified ever since the sons of God cohabited with the daughters of men early in Genesis before the flood. Once again this is a fallacious assault on the creative potentiality of sex to generate new life, extended in Eve's original curse for eating the fruit of wisdom, and in her shadow, women cursed as the devil's gateway, and sexuality cursed as the bestial medium of the downfall that leads to Christianity's impossible contradiction of sexual guilt and fatal error of cosmological deceit.

We know there is a complete credibility gap between all the evidence of molecular genetics, the archeological and geological records showing life's emergence and evolution over a three billion year period and the fantastic delusion that, because of the literal interpretation of Genesis one's delightful allegory of creation, that God created the universe and paradoxically land, oceans and plants before the sun and moon, the world, and all life within it, was simply a divine watchmaker's creation by God a mere four thousand years ago. To believe such an allegory as physical truth, on the basis of the Bible being literally God's word, is idolatry of the book, and a tragic fallacy.

But it is the betrayal of the generative life flow and sexuality as its basis, that is religion's darkest, most deceitful primal sin.

It is from our sexuality, not our spiritual pretensions, that the abundance of life and the capacity for sentient consciousness comes.

Again Buddhism claims the physical world is just illusion of the cycle of life, from birth to death and assumed rebirth, which is what the name samsara comes down to. This is again a betrayal of the fecundity of nature because it is from the wheel of life that our conscious capacity for experiencing nirvana comes, and if that enlightenment is based on renunciation and rejection of the very life force which sustains it, accompanied by fantasy worlds of hungry ghosts and others, the whole edifice is a false contraption, again doomed to tragic failure.

And it is not just Vishnu dreaming the universe in Brahma's lotus navel but the Tantric origin of Shiva-Shankar and Shakti-Kali in sexual embrace of sentient mind and physical world that is the  origin of life, the universe and everything.

Hence this song is dedicated to Samsara, as the living spirit of life's entanglements, as a sexual love song to Kali, to Shakti, as femme fatale, and to impermanence and to the creative life flow which comes from change in time through which we all came into being.


Nirvana 1

Have we landed right in Heaven, is this Paradise?
Could the lazy days of summer feel even half as nice?
Are we slipping into Nirvana as the days go by?
Is this brightness sheer enlightenment under the deep blue sky?

I have always been wondering what makes it all.
The meaning in existence. The way things fall.
The way our lives are scattered to the winds of fate.
The tumult and the chaos, when it's just too late.

But why are we hungering for eternal life
when peaceful coexistence gives way to endless strife?
The way of immortality is clear to see,
not deathly Armageddon, but living diversity.


Oh Samsara, you living temptress
your love is going to drive me senseless
Spiraling our way into one another
in our sensual intimacy.

Though our lives may be ephemeral,
though flesh is weak and minds are fallible,
so long as our lives have perennially blossomed
we are replenishing the grail of love.

Neither were we just dust to dust,
nor are we simply ashes to ashes,
but the fertile seeds of procreation
amid the fecund ova of regeneration.

I pledge again my love to you
even though nothing can ever be the same
for our longing for forever
lies floating adrift on the oceans of change.

Oh Samsara, essential being
my love for you is not just a feeling
but the fountain of life brimming right over
in our physical ecstasy.

Nirvana 2

Some say Paradise is full of black-eyed virgins
waiting upon our physical urges.
To fulfill our every sexual fantasy.
To climax our utmost sensation.

While others say the Heavens are full of angels
in dressing gowns, with white feathered wings.
That there can be no actual sex in Heaven,
because we have become celestial things.

Did you say the wheel of life is just a vacuum?
Did you say the world is full of hungry ghosts?
Have you forgotten Shankar's debt to Kali?
That Vishnu was not just dreaming the universe?

Samsara (as before)

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