Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Mashiach of the Tree of Life?"

What do I mean when I say I am "Mashiach of the Tree of Life"?

A messiah is a prophetic hero, or heroine, who brings about an age of long-term future goodness. I am making a root challenge to the existing order, which people will come to find is as controversial and explosive as the teachings in the year zero, because it will overturn both our religious and scientific ideas of the universe in a conscious chain-reaction.

Beyond the apocalyptic age of tumult and triage lies the immortal age of the Tree of Life, hidden since the Fall from Eden, but promised in the Unveiling. We all yearn for this. Not only is it the healing of all our fear, pain and mortal angst, but it is essential for the survival of our offspring and the immortal passage of the generations that we can discover how to come together to cherish the Earth and replenish its natural living diversity, while at the same time coming to know in our own illumination the transcendental nature of the conscious quest in the universe face to face, here and now. I am the conduit for this process and I have the credentials to bring it about successfully.

With my commitment, and your support, the future survival of the human race and the diversity of life can be protected. Given your trust, I do have the capacity to show you how to bring about the age of reflowering, in which all our living futures can be realized, the rape of the planet healed and the clash of the civilizations resolved, by being a healing mirror unraveling both religious imperatives and pretensions which could destroy us, and ill-conceived human impacts which could lay waste to our planetary future. This is a mirror which fills the void between nature and transcendence and shows how we each and all can become a meaningful part of the planetary awakening, through which we no longer see through a glass darkly, but now face to face.

You don't have to take this on faith. You can hold me to account as a personal colleague and peer. I can demonstrate my integrity, and show you exactly how this process comes about. I can make real the veracity of my challenge to the existential condition to end the era of the Fall and bring about the closing circle of reconciliation in reflowering the life tree in both natural and scientific terms and in fulfilling the religious and spiritual destinies of humanity, but I need your wholehearted support for this protection to become a reality.

I am not a cult leader or guru, but merely a sacramental agent through which the mystery becomes revealed to all of us in a way which can become a coherent expression of human illumination we can all share, see, feel and manifest. I am not Jesus, or a reincarnation of Jesus, but the eye of the hurricane. I have the living credentials to be the person in the place at the time to reflower the living tradition and fertilize the immortal age of paradise.

This is a quest that has many echoes in history, from our gatherer-hunter emergence out of Africa, through the Fall from Eden to Apocalypse and Armageddon, in the lives of Solomon and Jesus too, but the real test is not in the crises and heroic figures of former times who are forerunners of the real awakening, but now in this generation and into the verdant and fertile future, because we stand at a tipping point for the planet and this is the time the full awakening runs its course and we discover the universe is not meaningless, but alive and personal in its full transcendental consciousness.

More to come: 31st May 2012

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Unknown said...

The first message the Word of God said to me in the early morning hours when I was asleep is, "This is the Word of God."