Monday, March 10, 2008

The Messiah's Aphrodisiac and Prostate Protection

I am 69 and still have regular sex around twice a week. For men in mid-life, the aim of riding the great wave is to enhance sexual prowess during the times one is engaged in making love, by both increasing psycho-physical libido and one's erection, while diminishing the dangers to the prostate for the rest of the time by consumption of both anti-oxidant and phytoestrogenic anti-cancer food components.

Enhancement on Nights of Love

Deer Velvet 250 mg (trace androgens and growth hormones)
Natural androgen enhancer Tongkat Ali Extract 1:100 100 mg taken on a cycle e.g. one capsule the day before sex and two capsules 2 hours before sex followed by a day off.

Half to one hour before sex:
Avigra (sildenafil) 50 mg (improves erectile function in the penis)
PT-141 0.75 mg as a nasal spray (enhances brain sexual sensitivity)

Viagra and Cialis, although tadalafil and sildenafil were discovered independently and are chemically unrelated, both enhance the nitric oxide feedback process in the cavernosum of the penis, by blocking the breakdown of cGMP, relaxing and inflating the cavernosum in a way which makes it easier to maintain an erection. They show little negative tolerance with continued use, however they neither increase libido, nor result in an erection, unless one is sexually aroused, or unless the circumstances associated with their use lead to sexual anticipation. Viagra is suitable for an evening, lasting up to four hours, Cialis for a weekend, lasting up to 24. Cialis has fewer side effects, like visual disturbances and nasal congestion, and is active for such a prolonged period it invites repeated love making, which is invigorating to exuberant sexual power and pleasure.

PT-141 is a research polypeptide neurotransmitter which acts on the brain melanocortin receptors but does not enhance skin tanning. It is still classified as a research substance but is claimed to be the only true aphrodisiac because it acts on the hypothalamus to enhance the brains sexual arousal. I find it enhances the nuances of sexual desire, making the opposite sex more 'chemically' and physically enticing. PT-141 nasally applied can raise blood pressure, but Viagra tends to lower it so the side effects of the two tend to cancel while the sexual effect complement.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a Asian tree from the magnolia family that increases free testosterone, reputedly by activating the enzyme CYP17 central in androgen synthesis, without causing the pituitary to down regulate testosterone production. It may also act by increasing Luteinizing hormone, which turns on testosterone production in Leydig cells in the testes.

In my experience, an essential on the side virility stimulant is Tantric masturbation to the point of near orgasm, as many Indian sages have recommended in love-making as a channelling of Kundalini energy, combined with frequent orgasmic sex with a partner (which they didn't recommend).

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More recently melon researchers have been touting melon skins, which contain the amino acid
citrulline, which like viagra has been found to relax blood vessels, although the amount required is in the kilos. Other natural substances used as aphrodisiacs are Spanish Fly from the blister beetle, whose cantharidin inflames the urinary tract, causing priapism. However the mean lethal dose is close to the aphrodisiac dose and kidney and other damage can result. In an interesting case, French legionnaires who had eaten frog legs, after they had unbeknown to them, feasted on the beetles all suffered a severe attack of priapism. Likewise yohimbine and apomorphine are both used but again both have extensive side effects from nausea to insomnia as they effect many parts of the mervous system as well.

Vitamin E in small doses can also increase sex hormone levels as a hydrophobic anti-oxidant. A 2008 study of 77,000 people testing a variety of vitamins for effects on lung cancer found higher dose Vitamin E supplements to be associated with an increased lung cancer risk, but the source data from the study shows that risks are reduced by 20% at the moderate dosage above (Slatore et. al. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 177 524-530 2008).

Prostate Care on 'Off Nights'

Many anti-oxidants are also phytoestrogens, and some also have specific anti-cancer properties. Many of the foods below have been shown in various studies to reduce the incidence of prostate and other cancers and in the case of pomegranate to retard existing prostate cancer.

  • Soya (tofu or a glass of soya milk - genestein anticancer, phytoestrogen)
  • Pumpkin Seed (β-Sitosterol delta-7-sterine inhibits dihydrotestosterone production)
  • Red wine, grape juice, knot weed (resveratrol ~40 mg anticancer antioxidant phytoestrogen implicated in enhancing life-prolonging sirtuins)
  • 1-2 Brazil Nuts (selenium ~100 mcg antioxidant) don't overdose!
  • Tomato paste (lycopene antioxidant)
  • Red onions (quercetin antioxidant)
  • Green tea 2-3 cups (epicatechin gallate antioxidant anti-cancer - angiogenesis inhibitor)
  • Asprin (1/5 300 mg tablet salicylate 60 mg daily)
  • A whole pomegranate (anti-oxidant polyphenols) or pomegranate juice
  • Indica butter (tetra-hydro-cannabinols anti-cancer angiogenesis inhibitor).
Grapefruit, which acts in a similar way to Tongkat ali, by inhibiting the enzyme CYP3A4 metabolizing estrogen, increases breast cancer by 1/3 - as much as HRT - so people should be cautious of natural products which act directly on sex hormone enzymes and receptors. Does this mean grapefruit is a female aphrodisiac?
The genestein in soya is a mild phytoestrogen which doesn't seem to promote female reproductive cancers and is protective against prostate and other forms of cancer, but note soya has been shown to reduce sperm counts and probably inhibits virility, if the sex frequency statistics of high soya consumption populations such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are any indication.


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