Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CA2D 4 Mac: Version 1.1.9 released - A Feast for the Eye and Brian

Download my latest version CA2D Mac application v1.1.9 Jul 2015 with XCode source files, documentation and examples. For updates and downloads see: http://dhushara.com/CA/

CA2D is designed as a Mac application to provide a research tool to explore as rich and diverse a variety of 1D and 2D cellular automata as possible, while at the same time providing a fast high-resolution artistically appealing easy to use interface, which is ideal for exploring the surprising graphical features of these processes. It comes with source code, so you can reprogram it easily using XCode for new ideas, but also has input rules for a vast array of interesting known CAs spanning most key types, including complex games representing quantum wave functions, the prisoners' dilemma, evolutionary rock-paper-scissors, and the reaction-diffusion automata on mollusc shells which are not available in other applications. It also has some of the nicest visual and scientific demonstrations of the versatility of CAs.

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