Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Voice on the Wind

The Voice on the Wind in mp3

I hear your voice on the wind
whispering, ever so softly,
echoing through the deepest canyons
of my vagrant heart

I didn't know, how could I realize
that they would cast a curse upon you,
incarcerating you in the darkness,
tearing us all apart?

If you're locked in the shadows then how can we see you?
If you only can whisper then how can we hear you?
If you never can touch us how can we be near you?
How can we come together as one?

I sat in the springtime watching the showers.
I stood in the summer surrounded by flowers.
I lay in the moonlight counting the hours,
but now bitter winter has come.

Now I can see it'll take a commotion,
a revolution to set love in motion.
We're really going to have to throw off the covers
and tear down the walls that divide.

You know you have always been my beloved,
my comrade, my partner, my nemesis other,
my enigmatic, mysterious lover,
my song, my communion, the raison d'etre
of my very essence, your living presence
fills me and thrills me to the bone.

I hear your voice on the wind
endlessly, speaking so softly,
echoing through the hills and valleys,
down to my restless heart.

I still can't believe it,
that they would seek to subjugate you,
holding you hostage, in bondage to their honour,
trying to keep us apart!

I hear your voice in the wind,
rippling sounds of distant laughter,
longing, happiness, keeping our innocence,
singing in my aching heart.

I keep hearing your voice on the wind
calling, pleading, murmuring gently,
sharing the sweetest moments of love,
stealing my feckless heart.

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